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Started by coney, May 03, 2024, 01:56AM

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May 03, 2024, 01:56AM Last Edit: June 13, 2024, 11:36PM by coney
:shadowcat2:  Shadowcat v2.1 :shadowcat2:

This is my very first character mod for Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat! This mod includes Lockheed as a part of Shadowcat's powerset as well as phasing attacks. Sneak up on Apocalypse with this intangible ninja!


Phasing Ninja : Phase into the ground and then reappear next to an enemy slicing them with a katana causing them to popup

Dragon Breath: Shadowcat calls out Lockheed to breathe fire onto enemies

Heart Piercer: Use Wolverine's bone claw to stab an enemies heart, causing them to bleed over time.

Ogun's Training: Deadly multi-hit sword attack that knocks back enemies.

Spitballs: Call Lockheed to unleash multiple fireballs at enemies.

Dance of Destruction: Spins around, attacking with swords. Move with analog stick as normal


Shadow & Flame: Unleash a devastating combo attack with Lockheed.

Team Spirit: Increase experience earned for entire party for a time.


Phase: Shadowcat becomes intangible and can pass through walls, objects, enemies and allies. If Shadowcat phases through and enemy, they will receive damage over time. If Shadowcat phases through an ally, they will damage enemies who touch them. (Jumping or attacking will end the intangibility early.)

Smoke Breath: Call Lockheed to breathe thick smoke to Shadowcat and nearby allies, raising their $DR.



Shadowcat uses fightstyle hero.

Cat Reflexes: Increases chance to dodge melee attacks

Sword Mastery: Increases damage and critical hit chance with all sword attacks.

Fire Mastery: Increases damage and chance for criticals with $DMG_FIRE

Mutant Master:


nodoubt_jr for the original XML2 Shadowcatmod which is used as a template for this mod
EPICANDRAGON94 for Lockheed models and animations, voice lines and inspiration for this mod
Enigma for helping make loading screen and power icons
BaconWizard17 for default Shadowcat skin
boreman for Agent of SHIELD skin
Tetragene Classic skin
Cabral Marvel Future Fight skin


In very rare instances, using Phasing Ninja can cause Shadowcat to fall out of bounds of the map, resulting in her dying.
If the AI uses phase, Shadowcat may disappear, try not to force the AI to use Phase.

Added missing files

Fixed issue with 'Dragon Breath' not dealing increased damage on level up.
Increased 'Phasing Ninja', 'Ogun's Training', and "Phase" damage values.
Added Xtreme callouts.

-Changed coding of "Phasing Ninja" and "Shadow & Flame" to make it so Shadowcat is actually phasing through the ground when casting it.
-Fixed issue with "Phase" where sometimes Shadowcat would keep her momemtum and keep falling through the ground
-Added additional effects to "Phasing Ninja", "Shadow & Flame", "Heart Piercer", "Ogun's Training", and "Dance of Destruction"
-Removed some unneeded files
-"Team Spirit" now uses a new effect.
-Changes made to "Shadow & Flame" powerstyle coding to make Lockheed's fireballs hit more reliably as well as making Shadowcat's attacks chain better together.
-Shadowcat's attack during "Shadow & Flame" now scale with her strike stat instead.

-Streamlined powerstyle coding.
-Edited visual effects of "Phase" and "Phasing Ninja"
-Powerstyle changes done to "Phase" to make the damage portion against enemies more consistent.
-Fixed issue with "Shadow & Flame" not properly dealing the correct amount of damage when Shadowcat hits and enemy.
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Updated to 1.1

Added missing files
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Updated to v1.2
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Updated Shadowcat to v2
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Funny thing this is exactly what people wanted for the original mod, brilliant BTW.

Quote from: edward on May 30, 2024, 10:44PMFunny thing this is exactly what people wanted for the original mod, brilliant BTW.
Thanks I'm really proud of it!
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Updated to v2.1
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