MUA1 (2006 PC release): Play on Newer Windows versions Properly

Started by LarsAlexandersson, July 14, 2024, 09:48AM

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So, having trouble getting 2006 version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC running in later Windows versions like Windows 8 onward? There is an instruction:

  • Search and open Regedit (Registry Editor)
  • Find "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Activision\Marvel Ultimate Alliance"
    • If "Settings\Display" Folder Keys are not in there, right click "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" Folder to find and left click "New/Key", then named the folder key to "Settings", later right click "Settings" Folder Key and left click "New/Key" again to name another new folder key to "Display"
    • Inside "Display" Folder Key, right click and find "New/String Value" and left click it to name the string value key to "Resolution"
    • Inside "Resolution" String Value Key, right click and find "Modify" and left click it, then type a value data [width X height]. For example, like 1080p: 1980x1080
  • Ready to go

If not working, Delete "Settings" Folder Key & repeat instruction again until it works.
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