Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 Audio

Started by Enigma, April 20, 2024, 05:55PM

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 Audio

This is all the audio from Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1.
This game's audio has never been completely ripped before, so I've done so.

This game's credits (online and in-game) list actors as playing characters that don't actually have any voiced lines or unique grunts at all.
For many characters, they have no voiced lines and the game just reuses grunts from other characters and so credits the actors as such.
For example, Red Hulk has no voiced lines and reuses Hulk's grunts. He has no unique audio of his own of any kind.
As such, I've only listed voice actor credits for characters that actually have unique grunts and/or voiced lines.

The actor that plays Dr Strange is the same one as in MUA1.

Voice Actor Credits:
Andrew Kishino = Ghost Rider, Hogun, Juggernaut
Adrian Pasdar = Iron Man
Clark Gregg = Agent Coulson
Danielle Nicolet = Maria Hill, Storm
David Boat = M.O.D.O.K., The Thing, Venom
David Sobolov = Drax the Destroyer, Electro, Mysterio
Dee Bradley Baker = Doc Ock, Mr Fantastic, Sandman
Fred Tatasciore = Beast, Bruce Banner, Hulk, Dr Doom
Greg Cipes = Shocker, Toad
James Horan = Dr Strange
James Arnold Taylor = Spider-Man, Professor Xavier, Silver Surfer
JB Blanc = Captain Britain, Heimdall
Jeffrey Combs = The Leader
Jess Harnell = Damage Control, Ego (1 laugh in a cutscene), Frost Giant
John DiMaggio = Galactus, J Jonah Jameson, Rocket Raccoon, The Mandarin
John Eric Bentley = Black Panther, Nick Fury
Kari Wahlgren = Invisible Woman
Laura Bailey = Black Widow, Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey, Mystique
Nolan North = Cyclops, Deadpool, Green Goblin, Helicarrier Announcements, Helicarrier Falling Personnel Recovery, Magneto, Pyro, Shane, Shield Agent 2, Vulture
Phil LaMarr = Blade, Gambit, War Machine
Robin Atkin Downes = Aldrich Killian (1 growl in a cutscene), Armin Zola, Rhino, The Punisher
Roger Craig Smith = Human Torch, Captain America
Scott Menville = Howard the Duck
Stan Lee = Himself
Steve Blum = Abomination, Beta Ray Bill, Dr Connors, Daredevil, Red Skull, The Lizard, Wolverine
Stephen Stanton = Blob, Sentinel
Tara Strong = H.E.R.B.I.E.
Travis Willingham = Dormammu, Mastermind, Sabretooth, Star-Lord, Thor
Troy Baker = Fandral, Groot, Hawkeye, Jarvis, Loki
Yuri Lowenthal = Iceman
Unknown Actors = Female Civilians, Male Civilians, System One