marvel ani's, cursors, pics and vids

Started by wolverine_93, October 28, 2007, 05:02AM

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wat marvel characters are there to play in mugen that uve seen or played???
...and do u make a custom animations for them to fight or wat ????

look at my post on first page, i said i am going to list all playable characters, and i use these gif to list them instead of type in list

anyway back to subject(sorry about my last post) any more anis pics cursors etc...

jamminghy, do where do u get the ani's in the 3rd post

let u all know i just add a new character in my gif on first page, hobgoblin, he comes out today and is playable

This one looks very good, better than Green Goblin IMO. (I like Hobgoblin more than Green Goblin anyway. :D)

Sweet! Looks way better than Greeny! Looks a lot like my Halloween costume when I was young! :laugh:

just add a few more playable characters, they are black cat, captain universe, dark phoenix, electro, jubilee, logan, rhino, she-hulk, silver surfer, sunfire, symboite spider-man, vulture, wonderman

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Do we have an animated Silver Surfer or a playable Dr. Strange or the rest of the FF?

how many of u guys are intrest in mugen?? i wouldnt mind to made a new topic for mugen only, and i release my stuffs that i made (palettes), am very proud of my weird but cool palette theme called reversed, here is some example of them

all my animated gifs is character's standing animation, and that is silver surfer's standing animation, cheapy huh lol

there is a human torch wip right now, there is a cheap invisible woman who is invisible whole time playing, whoever made her must be lazy as there is nothing to see, nothing about mr fantastic

I don't play it, but I am interested in the GIFs! :D

That Venom looks really cool. It reminds me of Venom going stealth!!! :venom:

i work on venom first of all of course, my 8 theme which all my character will follow, 1-normal and reversed, 2-bengals and dolphins, 3-angelic and demonic, 4-gold and silver

notice that they come in a pair, why bengals and dolphins? i am fan of bengals my brother is fan of dolphins(0-8 so far this year :laugh:)

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those do look really cool,I think there is a thread for mugen.

Edit: maybe not I looked??
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

Those look really cool, dimster! I think you should create a separate thread for all these. :thumbsup2: