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Started by The Boy Sanga, October 29, 2007, 02:40PM

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Forget about that second rate armour that Tony Stark made him, here is (a quick) skin i whipped up since no-one else had:

Armoured Spider-man:

As seen in the Playstation game and Animated Series and in my oppinion his 3rd famous costume

Skin and HUD


As it was only quick I didn't edit the specular map (think it looked ok anyway) and didn't even touch the bump map.

PS: To co-incide with this skin, why not download Peter's old room mate from university Brian Braddock  ;)

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i think there was a skin of this already made, ill see if i can find it (it may have looked a bit different of course)

here it is http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=203.msg3693#msg3693

Nightmare! Sorry darkmythology (or whoever did the costume)! Thought it was too easy to have gone unnoticed...<goes off grumbling about an inability to use the search function>

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Don't worry. :)
You can differentiate your skin by making the grey parts brighter and more metallic!!! :king:

EDIT: No one's gonna blame you for making the same costume because you did everything on your own, right? :)