Someone please turn this into a loadscreen...

Started by shafcrawler, November 03, 2007, 05:07AM

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Link to picture

I just finished drawing this quicksilver pic. I don't have a clue how to make mods, and that includes converting to IGBs. Therefore, could someone pleeeeeeeez format this into an IGB compatible to the loadscreens format? After that is done, everyone is welcome to use it in their games or Quicksilver MOD packages, but please give proper credit.

Again, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez do help me with this!!!!  :bowdown:

thanx! Though this isn't one of my bests, it'll do!

Here you go;

I have tested it on my game and it works fine and looks great.

I also noticed your question in another thread about image size.
In answer to your question, I believe it doesn't particularly matter on the size (as long as it is bigger that 512 x 512) so the size of the Quicksilver image is fine.

To put it into the game, you have to squash it and flip it.
For example, to go into the game, your Quicksilver image becomes;

Hope this helps and look forward to seeing more!


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Thanx a bunch Apollo! Only trouble is, Mediafire isn't working properly and I can't seem to download the file. Could u please do me the favor of hosting it somewhere else, like momoshare or anything else?

EDIT: Mediafire worked okay. It wasn't just finding a suitable server during my first 15 attempts at download. I'll post a Polaris and a new Psylocke pic soon]

Okay. I just finished a Polaris pic.It's still rough around the edges and lacks details, but looks good all the same. loadscreen time (please)!!! I think apollo'll help me with this one as well!  :bowdown1:

Also, here's a Psylocke I did a long time back. I have no intentions of using this one as a loadscreen, but if anyone does, I don't mind (albeit credit should be given). I am working on another one with her game outfit.


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Thanx again, Apollo! I owe you one(Well, two)! And to show you how much I really appreciate your help, here's something else to convert (heh heh, sorry for the trouble):

I really love how this turned out!

EDIT: Apollo, could you please host the previous files somewhere else. Momoshare is giving me troubles. Sorry for bothering you every now and then.
EDIT: If anyone has any requests, just let me know and I may come up with artworks for those.

this last psylocke's loadscreen got great..

do you have any loadscreen from pyro and sabretooth?

Nope. Am not really into Toothy or Pyro, so I don't draw them often. ...but I can do them if u like! Just send me a pic of the costumes you would like to see and any specifications (what position they should be in, dark, bright, surroundings, etc.) Just don't get too specific!

ou'll have to wait for a day or two though before I can actually start yours. Working on a team photo for someone else.

Is there any thread about making loadscreens? I thinking about converting XML1 loads to XML2 for pictures, because they look better...

I wish there were. Then I wouldn't have to bother asking others to convert the files for me. I just need to know what program to use and how to do them.

btw, shadow, have you decided on whether you want me to make a Toothy/Pyro loadscreen or not?

1. Great work - really like the 2nd Psylocke!

2. Here's a totorial on how to make screens, with a little modification you might be able to suit your pictures:

3. If you're taking requests: (the big one at the bottom)
and / or

thanks, but no need to worry about drawing new pics, shafcrawler!  :chuckle:

I would like this pictures to become loadscreens...

Sorry momoshare isn't working;
(I don't know, I can't seem to get it right!)

Here you go;

Let me know if these don't work and i'll try somewhere else