Someone please turn this into a loadscreen...

Started by shafcrawler, November 03, 2007, 05:07AM

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@Midnight Curse: You can find the pictures posted by shadow at
Just click on the pic of the character you like and you'll find all sorts of pictures and videos related to them.

The pictures I have posted so far on this site are all my own drawings, though I'm not sure whether you included the Angel in your reference.

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 :bowdown1: Wow, that Angel one is very nice.
Will get onto these now.

Shadow; this Jubilee one
Quote from: shadow on December 07, 2007, 03:06AM

is avaliable here, courtesy of matt710;

I've also tried my hand at removing the border of the Toad X-Men Legends one, preview;

Compared to;

Will upload as soon as I am done,

Okay, here we go;

Angel (by Shafcrawler);


Toad XML;

Toad XML [No Borders];

In time, I might try to remove the borders on other XML Wallpapers, possibly shadow king next.


You're like a "loadscreen-master"! You rock!


here, the jubilee load (the pink one) is not in that pack (Matt170) you sent me. It's sucha shame...

Sorry about that Shadow, I've got a version on my computer, and I was sure I got it from there.  Anyway, here is the one from my computer;
As I say this was not made by me, I do not take credit for this one.


Quote from: shafcrawler on December 07, 2007, 10:53PM
Quote from: shadow on December 07, 2007, 02:48PM
You're like a "loadscreen-master"! You rock!

here, here!

Actually, I was reffering me to both of you guys: apollo and shafcrawler for your work to this forum.

thanks for this excellent work!

Someone requested that the Pyro & Avalanche loadscreens were uploaded so here they are;
This contains both the individual one and the joint one.

that was me, thanks :)
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Okay hopefully I can post this here please someone (maybe you apollo) turn these into a working icons in XML2.

If they are wrong size or something feel free to resize them. Its just that I'm doing a mod from a character I invented myself and he needs icons and I don't get how to do icons so.
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My Mods for XML2:

Could anyone reupload these loadscreens cause it looks like they were all removed.

Unless someone has them on their pc or the loadscreen pictures are still on some site as wallpapers there gone because the Xmen legends site has been replaced by herohq for some reason.

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I found some XML loadscreens, so if anyone could turn these into loadscreens, since all other loadscreens on this topic have been removed from mediafire. Plus can anyone reupload Shafcrawler's second Psylocke loadscreen, as well as upload the Mystique loadscreen from XML, the Pyro and Avalanche loadscreen from XML, and the seperate Pyro and seperate Avalanche loadscreens?     
This is the Emma Frost one
This is the Gambit one
This is the Magneto one
This is the Psylocke one
This is the Sabretooth VS Wolverine one
This is the Blob one
This is the Jean Grey (as Phoenix) one

These are the ones I have saved on my computer;

Pyro and Avalanche loadscreen from XML
seperate Pyro
seperate Avalanche
Emma Frost one
Gambit one
Magneto one
Psylocke one
Sabretooth VS Wolverine one

I did intend to convert the other two at some point but have never got round to it.