Started by Kenn, March 20, 2007, 02:02PM

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Wanted to show off a project of mine:


A photo of my latest project, a Thor-style war hammer. The opposite side of the head has a slightly sharper bevel to the strike point. The shaft is leather-wrapped hardwood and the head is cut from a pressure-treated 4x4 and sprayed with flat black primer. I'm debating a faux granite finish, but it just looks so brutal as is.  I wanted to give it a cool name, but I thought "Mjolnir" was too predictable a name for the piece. So I decided on "Buster".

"Buster" is 19" long and 8" across the head. It weighs about 3 pounds, very lightweight but solidly built. It has really good momentum to it because of the length. It's not something I'd want to face in a fight, for damn sure.  It would split your skull like a friggin' watermelon.   ;D

Damn, dude, that am sexseh :thor: