IRON FIST mod v1.4 (fixed the no-power bug)

Started by iammingy, December 13, 2007, 01:44AM

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December 13, 2007, 01:44AM Last Edit: September 06, 2021, 12:23AM by Outsider
By downloading this mod, you agree that:
1. You will NOT share this mod outside of
2. You will NOT sell this mod for money or any other form of privileges.



* If have downloaded v1.3, you can get the patch to v1.4 here:
Please put:
all the files in ..\Activision\Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\packages\generated\characters

v1.1 is still available here:

Feedbacks and comments are appreciated! Useless spam is NOT appreciated and is NOT tolerated. :) See previews below.

Notes for v1.4: (April 1st, 2008 - present) :ifist:
A. Fixed the no-power bug with new packages files.

Notes for v1.3: (March 2nd, 2008 - April 1st, 2008) :ifist:
A. Fixed the missing "charge" sound issue in "Spinning Bird Kick"
B. Fixed the position of one effect in "Indestructible Fist"
C. Fixed the dashing part of "Dashing Dragon Punch". So, the combo part is executed immediately upon contact with an enemy or object.

* If have downloaded v1.2, you can get the patch to v1.3 here:
Please put:
"ironfist.engb" in ..\Activision\Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\data\talents
"ps_ironfist.engb" in ..\Activision\Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\data\powerstyles

Notes for v1.2: (February 29th, 2008 - March 2nd, 2008) :ifist:
A. Removed "Rising Dragon punch" and added 2 new powers:
   - "Indestructible Fist"
   - "Dragon Spirit"
B. Reskined Classic and Red costumes with the texture of the Iron Fist model from Spiderman:FoF.
C. The dashing part of "Dashing Dragon Punch" is connected with a 6-hit combo instead of an uppercut.
D. New menu and idle animations
E. New mannequin
F. Added an Xtreme yell, sounds for the new powers, etc.

:bowdown1:** BIG Thanks to winstrol for his super user-friendly ZSM Extractor program!!! **:bowdown1:

Notes for v1.1: (January 5th, 2008 - February 29th, 2008) :ifist:
v1.1 contains sound for powers, etc.

:bowdown1:** Thanks Teancum for putting together the sound files and other members' discoveries in making custom sound/voice sets!!! **:bowdown1:

Notes for v1.0: (December 13th, 2007 - January 5th, 2008) :ifist:
If you don't have any Chi effects, then that means you have downloaded and installed an older version of the mod. I misplaced the effects folder "ironf" under effects, but "ironf" should go under "char". This is the correct path of "ironf":
..\Activision\Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\effects\char\ironf
The latest version fixes this problem.

This mod is in the same format as my other mods. :)
This is my first mod utilizing a custom fightstyle (Thanks to BliZZ's discovery!). So, I hope it works fine on your computers. Let me know if there are any bugs.

There aren't that many kung-fu-esque anims in MUA... So, I picked those anims that are similar to those famous special moves from Street Fighter series. Anyhow, I hope you all like it... ^^"||

:bowdown1:** BIG thanks to thetommyboy2002's skins/meshes for the Classic, Modern, and Red costumes!!!! Without these, I wouldn't even try making an Iron Fist mod myself!!! I played with the colors a little bit to give the Classic costume more saturated colors, but no big changes overall. **:bowdown1:

Please refer to the readme included in the download.
It is highly recommended that you start a new game with default stats after you have altered the herostat or installed a mod.

Preview Screenshots:

Idle stance:
mannequin (the costume you see on the "stage"):

6 costumes (Classic, Ultimate, Tournament, Modern, Red, Daredevil) in menu stance:

icons and banner:

1. Twin Dragon Punch (melee)
2. Poison Snake Strike (melee)
3. Spinning Dove Kick (radial)
4. Dashing Dragon Punch (charge)
5. Indestructible Fist (radial)
6. Dragon Spirit (projectile)
7. The Living Weapon (boost)
8. Chi-Enhanced Heal (boost)
0. Fist To Face (Xtreme)
Two-hand Shoulder Throw (grab-smash)
loading screen 1
loading screen 2

Old preview video and screenshots from previous versions:

Preview video for v1.0~v1.1:

icons and banner:
Dashing Dragon Punch
Rising Dragon Punch:

My other mods released:

非常好! 我是長的期望鐵拳。我一定將喜歡演奏作為他。謝謝!

Full marks, from what I've seen in the video, especially the Spinning Bird Dove Kick  ;)

Definately a mod I'd like to try out!

December 13, 2007, 08:54AM #3 Last Edit: December 13, 2007, 09:08AM by Onua
Awesome ! Great Job ! But I haven't got any Chi effect   :(

December 13, 2007, 10:27AM #4 Last Edit: December 13, 2007, 10:37AM by iammingy
Quote from: Midnight Curse on December 13, 2007, 05:25AM
非常好! 我是長的期望鐵拳。我一定將喜歡演奏作為他。謝謝!

Thank you! I am glad that you were looking forward to this.

Quote from: The Boy Sanga on December 13, 2007, 07:06AM
Full marks, from what I've seen in the video, especially the Spinning Bird Dove Kick  ;)

Definately a mod I'd like to try out!

Yeah, I really like that move myself though it's not very native to Iron Fist...haha

Quote from: Onua on December 13, 2007, 08:54AM
Awesome ! Great Job ! But I haven't got any Chi effect   :(

Sorry, Onua... Put the folder "ironf" inside "char" under "effects" please...
Let me reorganize the folder structure and upload again...

EDIT: It should be alright now!

So, that's what happens when one focuses on his job!
It looks pretty cool, and everything seems well tought. Bravo!  :rockon:

This mod is great, mingy. Works perfectly AFAIK. Awesome mod :thumbsup2:

The gameplay video , the attacks and skins r amazing ... ur mods r very good  :thumbsup2:

Wow, Mingy, ur really the best at what you do!

December 15, 2007, 04:56AM #13 Last Edit: December 15, 2007, 05:18AM by parrastaka
this is again a superb mod, excellent work with a lot of detail. That is a great addition. You not only like modding, but you also love the character eh?

Terrific, really. THAK YOU AGAIN.  :rockon:

EDIT: I just love the effect when in a melee and jumping of LIVING WEAPON power... excellent idea!! :wtflol:

I've got a second problem. My old team were composed de Iron man, Venom, Toxin and Hulk. Now I remplace Iron man whit Iron fist and my game bug.