How to Edit MUA for PSP

Started by Crescent_jason, December 23, 2007, 08:51AM

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Hi Guys noob here! Sorry if there is any similar thread bout this i just dont know where to start...

How do I edit my MUA for PSP? or what software do I need to use to edit the MUA ISO?

Many thanks!!!!!!!

Well, there's not a lot you can do on the PSP, but you can add Colossus and Moon Knight.  The problem is that the PSP can only read MUA PSP animation sets and XML2/MUA PSP/PS2 models.  So adding any more characters than that is possible (in other words, the game allows for more) but since it really limits a person on animations it's tough to create a new character altogether. 

Here are some helpful topics:

You'll see that xDisciplex got XML2 PSP characters to show up, but it wouldn't read the animations, so they basically just run and stand around.

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But if I'll be adding up characters NPC to be exact which are already in there will that be possible? I mean how about just changing the skin of Invisible woman with Jean's? and make fly like spiderwoman?

I really wanted Jean Grey wearing Phoenix to be in it...

*** reading the links***

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Basically you can do whatever you want, so long as you use MUA PSP animations to do so.  You'll need to read up in the threads (or search, I'm not sure if I linked to it) to find out how to extract/insert files into your iso.  Next you need to read up on the Modding Rundown: FBs topic in the Knowledge Base forum.  Lastly you'll need a basic understanding of modding from the other Knowledge Base topics.

But to answer your question:  Yes, you could totally do Jean in MUA, but she would only have the powers she has as an NPC and whatever you add to that.  Each character gets two animation sets, so you could possibly add more powers.  Basically you can create anything that a PC user can, you just need to have an animation to go with it, which is why it's tough for the PSP (since it only reads MUA PSP animations).  For that I'd read up on Modding Rundown: Animations.  And since the PSP can read PS2 models you could also do a Jean Grey with four outfits like any other character.

If you need help, let me know.  I think I have parts of the MUA PSP ISO on my hard drive.  If you want to do something basic I'll add to it if you can test it.  I don't have a PSP, but I can probably help you build mods.  I'll have to look at what's on my hard drive after vacation.  I'm pretty sure we can come up with something.

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Dude I sincerely thank you very much. And yes I need your help. Uhmmm... I don't know where to start, don't worry I'm a quick study. Also do you have Jean in her Phoenix costume? Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

and bro one more thing... where can I find this Modding Rundown: Animations is it a thread or someting?

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Pretty much all the threads you'll need can be found in the Knowledge Base section.  Everything that applies on the PC applies to any other console, except that the PSP/PS2 and Xbox get all the the files needed for a character compiled into a FB. 

As far as Jeanie's costumes go, they shouldn't be a problem.  The game uses her Dark Phoenix costume for when you fight her, and there are PS2 skins (which work on every system) of her Ultimate (both long and short hair versions), Phoenix (green), Original (the 1960's Jean) and Classic (think the 90's cartoon series).

Oh, also run a search for fbextractor and fbbuilder by Norrin Radd.  They're awesome tools that will make life easier when doing mods.

As far as she goes, you can do a complete mod for her, minus sounds (we don't know how to do sounds on the PS2 or PSP).  You can reskin the Ms. Marvel mannequin for the character select menu, you have plenty of skins to choose from, and you can create powers/animations using the boss version of her as a base and adding another MUA PSP character's animations.

As far as xDisciplex and I were able to figure out, you can have the regular 27 characters + Colossus + Moon Knight + at least one more character.  The stage only allows for 29 characters (27 + Colossus and Moon Knight), but we can cheat around that like I did on the Xbox.  I made it so you push up or down on certain characters to get to secret ones.  For instance, on the Xbox I push up on any of the X-Men to get Gambit, down on any of them to get Angel.

So to recap, mods are totally possible.  You're just limited to any animations you actually find in MUA PSP.  The upside to that is there are a lot of NPCs that have fairly big animation sets, making them good candidates for new animations for characters.  So your new characters might not have 7 or 8 powers total, but more like 4-5, but hey, that's still fun right?

Have you thought about anyone else you'd add?  Can I make some recommendations?

Nightcrawler (semi-easy - start with the Mephisto dark version)
Cyclops (semi-easy - start with the Dr Doom dark version)
Psylocke (semi-easy - start with the Dr Doom dark version)

from the other thread you informed me about zigzag and pakscape but i cannot find the .wad file in my PSP, I promise I searched for it, the only file that I can find for my mua are the mua.cso, PARAM.SFO, and DATA.

already tried zipzag and pakscape but it cannot open those files, please some assistance here

I replied in the other one, but you'll need to get a program to expand the .cso

do you know any program? I downloaded CISO but it's not working it has some errors, still i will keep on searching for a decompiler, but if you got any recommended software, please advice thanks!

Just keep searching, you'll find what you need.  Try what Iammingy posted in the other thread.

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yep I got it now... but I cant see Jean's skin

and can you teach me the proper way to edit the herostat?

also my PSP is ver 3.71 when I tried to load my MUA that has just been converted back to cso it doesnt load... do I need to downgrade my PSP?

Probably, xDisciplex knows all about that.  You can PM him, but it will probably take a week or so to get a response.  He's really busy.

yep tried that bro but havent got a reply from him... but i'll keep on trying

How to add/change characters

You might also search youtube for Downgrade PSP or something.  Youtube is great for video tutorials.

As far as Jean is concerned, you're not gonna see her right away.  She's packed inside the levels themselves, so we'll have to extract her/rebuild her into a character fb.