How to Edit MUA for PSP

Started by Crescent_jason, December 23, 2007, 08:51AM

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December 31, 2007, 12:47PM #15 Last Edit: December 31, 2007, 01:47PM by Dark_Mark
I reccommend to downgrade your PSP to firmware 1.50 and then upgrade to a Custom Firmware. 3.52 M33 is the one I'm using. But to downgrade a newer PSP (especially if you have the Slim version), you'll most probably need a Pandora (JigKick) battery.
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

actually I already figured it out... for 3.71 it should always be a ".iso" file or else it will froze. Yep mark I got a slim psp and i got it working now... but I'm still analyzing on how to mod this PSP MUA, and I'm far away from giving up, only I dont have that much time because of new year, so I will start trying it again on my day off. But I always thank you guys for the assistance, I just hope deciple will be able to help me out too.

Added a reply to your message.  Sorry about the delay - been really busy this last semester with film shoots and getting ready for a feature film shoot coming up plus the holidays.

I haven't been able to come on here as much, mainly because after Teancum and I tried to get this going for the PSP we ran into a dead end w/ most of the animation issues with the PSP MUA not reading/working w/ XML1 or 2 animations.

You definitely cannot do these mods if you have a stock PSP, you do need to have one that runs custom firmware, if you have one - great if not I can help you on downgrading it to a version that will work.  I'm currently on 3.52 M33 Custom Firmware as well as Dark_Mark, previously I was on 3.40 OE and it ran MUA fine.

I'd still love to get some more characters added to the PSP version if we could - I'm always up for testing any of your tweaks or mods for the PSP Teancum when you get any since you can't test them.

Out of the 3 you listed, I'd say Psylocke and Cyclops would be my top two to work on to get in MUA.  Hopefully more people will get interested in this and help us out getting it nailed down.  There has to be someway around the animations in PSP to work w/ XML1 and 2 animations, we've just tried so many things - I feel as if my brain is fried :P

Anyhow - I'll keep checking back here and I still work on 'trying' to get new mods for the PSP in my spare time, but I've also been working on Guitar Hero mods for the PS2 as well, addicting.

Any questions/suggestions let me know.

It's all about using existing MUA animations in a creative way.  Cyclops and Psylocke can be done using their boss animation sets, plus an existing playable's _4_combat.  The hardest part really comes down to creativity.  For instance, 90% of Gambit's power animations can be used from Moon Knight.  (his staff move, the grab-smash, his first power as Gambit's card throw, etc)  The hardest part on my side is that I don't have a PSP so testing/fixing & debugging/re-testing takes awhile.  I've gotta do the work, then upload, you guys test... you get the picture.

I'm still up for adding characters for you guys.  It's just a long road.

@ xDisciplex -- LOVE custom GH2 mods.  Nothing better than your favorite real-life tracks in Guitar Hero.  Have you seen the PC clone Guitar Zero?  They came out with a new beta Christmas day, and I gotta tell ya, it's awesome.  I'm working with the author on an Xbox port.  Once it's ported to Xbox, my PS2 is getting sold.

T -

I totally understand your side w/ the long road - since you can't test your own work for the PSP,  but if you're willing - I am as well to test anything you are able to write for the PSP.

I've heard of the Guitar Zero for the PC, just never seen it yet.  I'm working on my 3rd custom disc for GH at the moment for my PS2, I'm basically taking off all 64 songs (40 in main section and 24 you can buy) and replacing them with ones I like and I even made my own chart for expert for a song from my old band and put it in there :)  It makes the replay value of the game so much better doing these mods.  The only downside is the site I go to (scorehero) takes down any songs from any GH games or from Rock Band and someone did Don't Fear The Reaper and I can't find the chart now to put in

Back to MUA - I'd vote for finishing Gambit if we can - since we started on him first and have worked alot on trying to get him done.  So if we can manipulate his power moves to work by using Moon Knight's that sounds good to me.  Same w/ Psylocke and Cyclops - I honestly don't mind if they only have a handful of power moves, I don't need the full set to enjoy playing as them you know?  Also have you been able to find the files for the bosses in MUA on the PSP?  I haven't been able to locate the villians sets to mod and try to import as being playable.  I'd love to get Bullseye and Dr. Doom in game as well - even if is only a few power moves in this case too.

Let me know your thoughts.

hmmm... I would also love to help you guys with this one... but first I need to know or at least successfully add up at least one character (i will try this one again on friday since it's my rest day). So for now i'll try to read more files in here and will try to mess with the mua file more. Thank you guys and I also hope too more people will be interested...

Right now I do have X-Men Legends 2 for PSP and I am trying this, though I still got no success, I will pursue this one since xDisciplex told me only PSP files will work on PSP... Probably there something wrong with the herostat prog can you guys help me with this?

Alright, giving editing the PSP a try, since I've got my 3.90 M33 custom firmware;
I've got my .cso of MUA, extracted assetsfb.wad with UMDGen, extracted it with WinRar, replaced Herostat.engb with the edited Colossus/Moon Knight one. This is where I'm clear.

What I'm running into is this;
-do I repack the .wad with Winrar and rename it .wad, or is there another program to compile a .wad?
-When I run UMDGen to save the edited disc image as a .cso, I get an error that "badaudio.vag" is at 127961, and next LAB is at 142758. Naturally I change that, but I'm not sure I should be.