Hulk version 1.0

Started by Teancum, July 03, 2007, 10:53AM

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can you plz upload this mod somewhere else cause i cant download it from there
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Just download the Official Characters mod.  It's got Hulk in it.  He's different than this one, but better.

yes but i would like to try your hulk so can you plz upload it somewhere else
My deviant art page!!!
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I erased the files long ago after I decided not to use him on the Xbox.  The closest thing you'll find to my mod is the XML2 mod of Hulk.

handclap is a hulk feature and should be included....i've seen it quite a few times in comics,but you should make the clap stun everyone in front of him (180 arc),and damage the ones near like 6 feet(kinda like ms marvel and invisible woman blast radious attack),

I stopped working on this mod long ago.

yah sorry came late to the party,didnt notice the date of the post.