Venom's Symbiotic Skins And Additions

Started by Venom, January 14, 2008, 07:55PM

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January 14, 2008, 07:55PM Last Edit: July 09, 2008, 10:21PM by Venom
Hi Everyone
Thought i would step into skinning after reading various guides and threads lately. Im only a beginner so give me your thoughts on what i could do better or if you hav any suggestions/requests.
I made this skin based on Overload's crimson dynamo stealth skin , only difference is that this one is blue.
Still needs to be completed - glimpses of red on dynamo

Crimson Dynamo Stealth Skin (Maybe could be underwater aswell???) Download :

My next skin is the symbiote riot (trevor cole) . This is version 0.2 as i have fixed the crashing but still to fix up they eyes with more detail . Enjoy . Credits to Dark_Mark for making the model and iammingy for making the ultimate venom skin .

Riot Download :

If u want to request a skin just post it here i might do it depending on if im doing anything else , just dont be expecting anything big and fancy like some of the other modders cause im fairly new at this .  I probly wont be releasing much for a while as i have finished school holidays (Wasnt realeasing much anyway lol) .

Venom, it looks really great! :thumbsup2:

However, I see some glimpse of red near the edges of the skin in the game. It's probably that you are missing some mips in the lows.

Okay thanks i will try and fix that up soon

Yeah, good work for your first skin! And good on you for taking a first step at it! :thumbsup2:

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 :venom: Venom, im loving the skin! Ya that red glimpse was because your offset may need to be changed just a bit so it fits perfect over the original. But hey, man nice skin and I will make sure to use it in the game! Make sure you tell me in the future of stuff your doing so I can check it out.

First post updated - Riot , no pic of him because he crashes my game some how

 Hey venom! I checked it out this morning and it crashed my game as well.  Just backstep and see what you did and try to look for any errors you might have made.

It's probably that the offset you've got is wrong, which means you may have incorporated the BMP at an inappropriate place that corrupts the file.

I have this problem so many times when I started skinning with the offsets I found... :(

Same lol, the reason I found why I had the game crash the first time was I just was just like "ya whatever the offset is this for like 32, and 16" and it turned out really messed up. So then I took more care doing it and then it fitted together perfect. So I agree with Iammingy, it probably is the offset or the bmp you put on your skin just backstep and look at your offsets again in texture finder and if that doesn't work then your next option is checking where you put the bmp.

Riot skin released :D Now he doesnt crash ingame

Quote from: Venom on January 14, 2008, 07:55PM
My next skin is the symbiote riot (trevor cole) . This is version 0.2 as i have fixed the crashing but still to fix up they eyes with more detail . Enjoy . Credits to iammingy for making the ultimate venom base

Riot Download :
Since you're distributing your skin along with the model, giving some credit to the original author would be nice... :scratchhead:
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

Sorry dark mark i forgot about who made the model originally , next time i release somthing ill be sure to add all names that made it

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Venom, do you need help finding the remaining offsets of Crymson Dynamo?

EDIT: Oh, just asking. Have fun!

Oh i forgot about fixing that up , ill see if i can correct it and ask you if i cant get it right