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Started by Noelemahc, January 23, 2007, 03:38AM

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anybody have hawkeye ultimate

Guys, I`m trying to find any Longshot  :longshot: skins and icons offsets. Please, is there anyone with these? Thanks!

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Has anyone had any luck finding the offsets for Hulk? (17001.igb)

I've only been successful in finding a clear picture @ 1024 (DXT1) and 512 (DXT3).

Zilar, I'll try and see if I can find the offsets for longshot later today.

-DXT1,1024,1024,25989. seemed to work for Thanos Annihilation skin from Marquis.  I'm sure it will work for Hulk as well.  Thanks to Sub-Mariner for pointing this out.

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Harpua, thanks! I hope somebody post a 4-5 screenshots of  "clicking and finding a offset" in the future. Until there...I`ll start my first Skin here with this kind of help! Thanks a lot!  :moonk:

Zilar, it looks like a ps2 skin.  You can use NRskinner for xml2.  If you don't already have it, you can find it here:,4716.msg90171.html#msg90171

In the .cfg file, make sure you paste this in there:

;95 - Longshot
9502.igb ps2 256 256 31541 125978 .

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Anyone know what are the values ​​of the offsets of the skin of the 0421 storm?
:storm: :storm:

The ps2 offsets are:

XML2 Original Storm
0421.igb ps2 256 256 34335 159111 .

You can find the ps2 skin here:
xml2 skins and skeletons

Check my post above for link to NRskinner for XML2. (if you don't have it already.)

Other ps2 offsets can be found on the PS2 Offset Central page. (which is where I found Storm's)

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Does anybody have the offsets for captain marvel  :genis: (17301.igb)?

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Please, I need the offsets for Captain Marvel (1704)!!! Anyone?

i need the offsets for tony stark casual dress (1506), please.

Anyone know what are the values ​​of the offsets of the skin of the 16101.igb green goblin ?

Does anyone have the offsets of Blaw's Ultimate Cyclops Revamped Skin? By the way here are the offsets of Dark_Mark's Venom Classic Skin 17604.igb,DXT1,1024,1024,41307.
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Can anyone tell me the offsets of iammingy's classic hulk skin?

Hello, not sure if already present, but could someone post Nick Fury's Offsets? I would prefer his 1st and 4th costumes. thanks! :nfury: