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Started by BLaw, January 20, 2008, 12:16PM

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Warlock released!! Updated First post.

EDIT: New X-Men Wolverine also released.

Aaaand Cable released! He REAAAALY needs a haircut (actually also on the other skins of other authors :laugh: )

AAAAND Modern Destroyer is released. Please don't say anything about the cape... Just... Don't :laugh:

Updated the download links of Ben Reilly, Bishop and all Forges to include the huds. All other huds are yet to come. See first post for previews.

Man BLaw these are awesome!! They look so realistic with MUA. Awesome job Im gonna use a few of these in the game.

Thanks Overload :D Have fun using them! Comments are always welcome.

In other news: thanks to Norrin Radd Forge will be updated later today. I'll be working on him, improving the textures (found a few flaws in the old one which I didn't see before, must've been blind). If you have a request and/or would like to know what skins are yet to come, go HERE

hey BLaw, i like your XForce Forge skin, but im wondering if you can make a separate version with a different color of yellow (a yellow that would match his leg band, a similar color to your other forge skin, and the yellow in this pic http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/4/4a/Forge_004.jpg )

either way, keep up the good work

great, thanks  :thumbsup:

Thanks NR..

I'll make a seperate version EDIT it then. I was already busy tweaking the XForce version, so it'll be no problem :D

Is this okay for you NR:

Note: added a brown legband on the cyberleg according to the reference picture..

thanks  :nod:

i just have a thing for the yellow and blue, haha

Well no problem :D

Added Forge to the list.