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Started by BLaw, January 20, 2008, 12:16PM

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Hehe nice one. Well it's winter.. He probably didn't want his arm to rust.. Or didn't want to carry a armlike fridge with him

Yeah he had a different costume. Something with a brown vest and goggles I believe.

Modern Thunderball is now ready for download! Including his hud (which I editted so the blood on the picture is replaced with his skincolor). Enjoy!!

Ohh wow!!!!

Modern Thunderball is incredible! You really did an amazing job creating that skin. Was it Luke Cage for the base?

Oh that's right! I took a second look at it and was like," Ohh now I see the bump map on it, no way it's Luke"
hahah. Anyways again man, sweet job!

Thanks a lot Overload^^ Next up will be Banshee - Classic. The textures of Quicksilver are kinda messy, but I've managed to smooth it up a little. Too bad there is no cape. He'll be done within an hour me thinks.

 Why not use a bolton as a cape? I can give you one from the npc Magneto from XML1 and the herostat code if you want for the skin! Just let me know ok buddy... And oh ya the cape has an animation effect too so it makes it more unique than the capes in MUA.

Well, I meant the real one Banshee has.. You know.. With the yellow and black.. Well, I just call it a cape :P Wings sounds stupid..

Anyway, perhaps a bolton could work. I don't know if I can alpha parts out of it, but I could try. Thanks for the offer ^^

On a side note: I'll finish up Banshee tomorrow. It's nighttime around here :P

Oh that's right...My bad, forgot he's got the wings under his armpit pretty much! Haha.. anyways good job and look forward to the skin!

Added CaPunisher to the list. This version has uneditted bumpmapping. Im getting a little bit busy with school and work, so I will not be able to get to it. Skinning, however, is fine.

Ive decided to release it, otherwise it´ll stay on my hdd for ages.

Anyway, enjoy the work!