LuTzz's Skins - Killmonger and Bill Foster released

Started by LuTzz, May 14, 2018, 11:24AM

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Hello guys, i've been a long time lurker here in the forum but finally i decided to learn how to make mods. I'm still learning how to make meshes on 3ds max but here's 2 PS2 skins i made for MUA/XML2.
Note: these are the first skins i ever made so any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Killmonger - MCU(XML2 Compatible):

Goliath - Bill Foster(XML2 Compatible):

Preview videos:
Killmonger -
Bill Foster -

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These are really good! I especially love Killmonger. He'll go great with my Black Panther skins. Goliath is really good too; however, he is a little flat. You should try retaining some of the original skin's muscle texture. Other than that, super cool work! It's always nice to have other skinners around.

Edit: Goliath looks like he has no nose. You may want to tweak that a bit

Dude congratulations on the quality of your skins and welcome to the skinner world of MUA!

Thanks guys!!

Updated Goliath with some fixes. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Some nice skins you've made there! Bill Foster will fit nicely as the definitive Giant Man(within the custom teams I'd use with him), alongside Scott Lang's Ant-Man, Janet Van Dyne's Wasp & Outsider's Hank Pym mod. And that MCU Killmonger looks spot-on, from how I've seen him in the film trailers.

Keep up the good work!