Shard/Longshot/Polaris/X23/Shadowcat/Angel/Banshee/Domino Mods Released

Started by Norrin Radd, January 21, 2008, 05:32PM

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Full Shard soundset (untested)

Extract to your /Marvel: Ultimate Alliance folder

thanks Teancum, it works great, nice choice for the voice
thanks also to MXYZPTLK for the updated mannequin

New release (V2.4) includes the updated mannequin, and the sound files, and a new powerstyle that references the correct sounds.

Added some info on the Longshot mod to the first page. His powers are mostly based on Daredevil's

Longshot's gonna be on my looking-forward to list!

updated first post with some skin, icon, and banner pics

Nicely done.  Looking forward to using him.


Longshot mod V1 released, see first post. Let me know if you think I forgot something in the rar file.

Norrin, do you need a voice set for him?  I still have a decent collection of character sounds from many games.

Norrin Radd, I have just tried out Longshot. It's very very well done, nicely balanced, nice combo of animations. The effects are top-notch, too!

Wow, thank you very much!
Nice longhsot image btw

hehe, I found it in another forum. Hopefully, the Admins will have time to put it into the list of emoticons.

Thanks to iammingy, now Longshot has a mannequin. The mod has been updated to include his mannequin. There is a preview picture of it on the first post.

Comming soon:
X-23 and Shadowcat (conversions of nodoubt_jr's mods)


Polaris (using Magneto's xml2 powers)