Lord Frankie's works for MUA - help me retrieving them if you can!

Started by Lord Frankie, October 06, 2007, 11:13AM

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QuoteIs that kristoff doom by norrin radd but tweaked?

yep. now that you say that, i should mention it in the release page.

Ah well not that it was my intention to *somehow notify you of it* 8-) (actually it was my intention :P But I know Norrin would just appreciate the credit ^^ )

It looks nice, and I'll download it in case you're losing it again :P Great to have another skinner / effect expert back

January 20, 2010, 04:26PM #137 Last Edit: January 20, 2010, 05:33PM by Lord Frankie =D

i updated it, now it's complete. i removed the bump map details on his head, and added the bumping for the chainmail on his arms.

i'm gonna make an alternative version of the kristoff skin based on this

EDIT: finished and uploaded on the release page as well.

EDIT2: I also found out that i still had the Doom movie skin left in my actors folder for some reason. i uploaded it and posted it in the release page.

EDIT again: whiteking just sent me two more skins i had made, cinematic Uatu and "a scarier Mephisto" thank you!
aaaaaaaaaaaaand they're on the release page.

@ Lord Frankie,

I REALLY like those updated pics you've used to advertise your skins and Ghost Rider's Flame Trail!  They really look great and should entice people to want to download them.  I wish we could use such awesome pics in the new alternate skins gallery.
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Added new links for the files that I was hosting on my mediafire account, I erased them by and accident.

:phoenix: -New Effects- Download HERE
:scarletw: -New Effects- Download HERE

Once again, my apologize for this situation.
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On my pc I've found these skins:

I think they're made by Lord Frankie (or Lord Magneto ^_^). If it so, i can upload them on mediafire.

i think that this one is the only one he needs as of now. oh, and the third pic is broken. but he may need that one too.
<<that is the one he needs

Quoteoh, and the third pic is broken.

Fixed (i think so )).

Quote<<that is the one he needs

Link. If i remember correctly, it's "Middleage Doom". And, if admins wish, i can delete this file from mediafire after they'll download it. It's needed according to new rules, isn't it?))

yeah he need the third skin too. oh, by the way, you really don't need to delete the file immediately i bet you can delete it after lord frankie gets it.

Quoteyeah he need the third skin too

No problem

Quoteyou really don't need to delete the file immediately i bet you can delete it after lord frankie gets it.

Ok, i obey ))

Pwuh, almost thought i couldnt download the JG effects anymore, thanks whiteking :D

Not sure if this one is yours, but I had a doom 2099 skin in my files.


Hope that's it.

 Lord Frankie =D, can you please re-upload again the jean grey effects upgrade? the link doesn't work :(
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