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Started by lermm, October 12, 2023, 04:01PM

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I did a playthrough with nodoubt_jr's excellent Marrow mod, and was a bit disappointed that she didn't have any taunts, etc!  I downloaded her XML 1 audio from her boss fights and put them into hashes that I thought were appropriate. Some lines of dialogue are shortened, and some are reused for multiple purposes. A lot of her respaffirms are just grunts from the beginning of other lines of dialogue.

As a heads up, a  lot of her lines of dialogue are really melodramtic, and I used some of them in spots where I thought they would be a little silly! (IE: One of her respaffirms is "Oh I hate you, X-Men!", as is one of her epitaphs; her cmd lines are mostly taunts directed at X-Men from her boss fights; her "bored" line is "Oh, you X-Men think you have all the answers, don't you!", etc) So if that's not your vibe, this VoicePack might not be the guy for you.

Because her lines of dialogue are limited to what she said in battle in XML1, there is not a ton of variety to all of her lines—but hopefully this brings Marrow a bit more to life for all of ya'll!

She does not have any Xtreme lines—I may add these later. Her powers sounds are unmodified from nodoubt_jr's originals. I have also included her properly formatted Menu Breaks, if you desire to add those into your X_Voice.

Download Here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tl710xxqqxmbz6t/lermm_-_Marrow_VoicePack_101223.zip/file

Additional credits: madhattervx on The Sounds Resource for original audio rip; nodoubt_jr for sourcing the original audio file and the original Marrow mod; the legendary Nancy Linari for the original voice performance that has resonated with me since the 5th grade
If you share this in a mod, please credit me and the original audio ripper!