MUA: PS2 mod w/Colossus, Moonknight and Next Gen Simulation Discs

Started by Canino, February 04, 2008, 07:18AM

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Add this files to directory data in assetsfb.wad (open it with winrar). Then add assetsfb.wad to the iso file (I recommend ultraiso) and burn it!

:colossus: :moonk:

Instructions are included in the download
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Nice work Canino!  Don't forget you now have the option of putting two more characters in there.  I've got a team_back.xmlb file (hidden in one of the FBs, I have to remember which one) that will allow you to push up on any of the X-Men for character #26 or down on any of em' for #27.  So now it's just up to compiling who you want to be #26 and 27.  The only drawback is that you'll have to use XML2 sounds, which will overwrite some MUA sounds (xtreme yells are the only thing you'll notice).  But, if you tell people to put these new characters always on the right side of the team of four that won't happen.

Excuse me but I downloaded the Toxin mod for Marvel Ultimate Alliance for PS2 and it didnt include any instructions so somebody could tell me how to install t

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So I downloaded this, and I have it on my computer....but I don't know what to do after. I looked at the download on WinRAR and saw four file things in this order:

Now I clicked on README.txt and it read:

PLEASE NOTE: Adding Colossus and Moon Knight will require you to restart
             your game, and you may have to put in the all characters cheat

1-Extract assetsfb.wad from your Marvel: Utlimate Alliance ISO
2-Open assetsfb.wad with WinRAR
3-Browse to the /data folder and replace herostat.engb, items.engb, and simulator.engb
4-Place the new assetsfb.wad back into the ISO
5-Play on your PS2's hard drive or burn to disc

I looked up how to mod my PS2, and now I know how. But the instructions confuse me here. What is Marvel ultimate Alliance ISO? What doesthis ISo mean, and where do I get it? Is it a version for the PS2 that I burn onto a disc. Then edit with this here colossus/moon knight file I downloaded, and then do the mod swipe with the PS2....?

EDIT: I assume I download marvel ultimate allianc ISo onto my computer, then extract it. Then I replace the files with the colossus/moon knight ones.

Do I extract the colossus moon knight files, or do I JUST copy them and place them where the other files used to be.

Also, is gives you the option to play it on your PS2's hard drive. Does this mean I can play it without burning the MUAISO onto a disc after editing it? How would i do that?


The disc swap method doesn't work with this game I'm told.  You gotta have a mod chip or HDloader.  Sounds like you're new to PS2 modding.  Google PS2 modding or check the afterdawn forums, as they can explain ISOs and all that.

I just need to know if thiss chip:

Would work for the burnt MUA disc....I know you sggested the other forum, but I figure if I can get an answer here and not have to make another user profile for another forum then I should. Especially since they are so extremely strict i am afraid I'm going to post my question in the wrong board. I read the rules of three different PS2 boards and i still don't know which one is most appropriate over the other.

or do you know if this would work?


The bottom solution won't work.  The disc swap method sucks, and only works on about 1/2 the games out there, and even then only about 1/2 the time.  Plus it can really screw up your PS2.

My honest recommendation is to get a HD Advance disc, get a used hard drive from an old computer, and a network adapter.  OR leave the HD Advance disc out and use a Playstation 1 trigger disc.

And that's really where I have to leave it.  This is not the place to discuss how to mod your PS2.  YouTube or Google it.  YouTube has lots of how-tos.

Hey wait, i got an extra idea, maybe there is another one for PS2:
Moon Knight 4th skin & Ultimate Colossus 7802 loadscreen.

Feel free to put them in.  I don't have a PS2 so I'm not doing it.

Ok....time to report back to this thread for some new, newbie questions:

I burned this to a disc and was running into several problems with freezing.  It was suggested I try running from HDD.

After much trial and error I finally managed to get a way to play from the HDD.  I transferred the ISO to my PS2 HDD using a program called WinHiip. 

My problem?  I am still encountering a LOT of freezing issues:

1.  Game freezes whenever I try to remove Moon Knight from my active squad.  (i.e. when I click on the hero to replace him in slot #1 of my squad)

2.  Game freezes when I exit the hero selection menu after replacing one of my other 3 characters in the squad. If I replace Black Panther, Captain America or Daredevil who have been on the squad since the first shield point on the helicarrier mission with anyone else, it does show them take their place, but freezes up on the Loading Screen.

3. Game freezes whenever I try to do one of the Next Gen sim discs.  It freezes on the loading screen after choosing to play with my current squad of characters.

That is just what I have encountered so far.

So...uh...anyone got any suggestions on what I should do to try to fix these problems?

My first step is going to be to try a new game, as the one I am playing was started on the burned disc, before switching to play on the HDD.  Anyone have any other suggestions to try?

ALWAYS start a new game when trying/using mods.  It's just good practice.  Report back and let us know.  (Be sure to remove all savegames of MUA before you start a new game, you don't want old data at all)

Ok....after completely deleting everything off my memory card and starting fresh I still have the same problems.

I can change to whomever I want from the first Shield Access point.  Colossus and Moon Knight are selectable immediately from that point.

Mainly I think these are due to Moon on the selection screen he does NOT have a figure to choose.  I think this is what is refered to as his mannequin.  It is a blank spot after Ms. Marvel named Moon Knight.

I *did* use the Unlock All Heroes code.  This brings in the mannequins for everyone else, yet STILL no Moon Knight figure.

The game froze up when I tried to replace Moon Knight on my Squad.

Ok....experiment #2 completed.

I started another new game, and switched out my default squad at the first shield access point and did NOT put Moon Knight on my squad, but did put Collossus.  I was then able to switch out my squad again after defeating Bullseye. 

Loading back in the squad with Moon Knight on it from that same save point, the game locks up if I try to replace anyone on the squad as long as Moon Knight is on it.

So all problems appear to stem from having Moon Knight on the squad.

I am going to reboot and continue with that second game that did NOT have Moon Knight on it and get to the Stark HQ so I can see if I can load in the NG Sim discs.

And experiment #3 done.  NG sim discs long as I do NOT have Moon Knight on my squad. 

All problems go back to Moon Knight.