Happy <Insert Holiday here> Thread!

Started by jonchang, February 07, 2008, 04:10AM

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Happy Chinese New Year! (February 7th)

Happy Carnival!!! It was somedays ago in Brazil

Carnival was also here in The Neantherthalerlands aka Holland lol.

Happy Saint Patricks Day (Yesterday)

it's on sunday but since i'm going away...

happy easter to all!

Happy belated Canada Day! (July 1st)

Happy Independence Day! (July 4th)

Happy Independence Day everyone!  :jubilee:

I wish I could be in San Francisco again to watch the fireworks.

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in honor of july 4th i'm playing as  :jubilee: (fireworks!) and  :capamer: (obvi) in mua!

i also slapped  :capbrit:'s skin on arcade clowns and played as  :capamer:! take that tax-charging tyrant!

happy fourth!!!
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