Mugen Marvel

Started by marvelfan12345, November 21, 2008, 05:04PM

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um on youtube there are a lot of videos of marvel characters fightning of against each other and they aren't all playable on some of the mugen marvel games.on youtube nobody ever answers which game has these characters so can anybody here tell me. is there like a site giving you mods for the mugen marvel games????
:revanche: :marvelg: :emmafrost: :phoenix: :psylocke: :xavier: :xman: :cable:
please and thank-you

Check out this
You can also find them in other places you just have to look hard enough :d

Hey, do you ever play MARVEL VS CAPCOM VS SNK, it's fantastic, while Iori fought Wolverine.

Hmm, i kinda thinking about Mugen  :pyro: (X3 Film Style) using this Sprites, Kyo Kusanagi:

His voice might be cool w/ Demitri Maximoff from CFJ(Capcom), Ryo Sakazaki from KOF XI/NGBC(SNK) & his voice from XML2. Only thing in the Super Moves he blast, The Serpent Waves. He says "Wild Fire". Cool isn't.