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Started by BliZZ, January 26, 2007, 09:55AM

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Enraged Jean. The powers don't properly work yet, but I'm struggling through. The rage feature works, at the least.

Hmmm. I think the XTreme Phoenix Force from XML2 sounds good.

SUNFIRE, completed.   :rockon:

Barring any major issues, I can't see myself devoting much more time to him. The latest version is in the Catalog. He now has four skins, three of which are sharp PS2 versions and the fourth is a "modern" one created by boreman and myself; four huds, AND an AoA mannequin (by Blizz).

If you want the AoA mannequin to have the fire effects, you'll have to put him in Torch's menulocation (24). If not, it'll be the AoA skin without fire.

An alternate plan would be to use boreman's mannequin based on our custom skin. It can use the torch slot, but given the nature of that costume it would look fine in another location as well. Keep in mind, however, that I set up the AoA skin as the default because of its greater recognizability. So if you use the other mannequin, AoA will still be skin one, if that matters to ya.

Here's the alternate manny by boreman:

Link? :laugh:

Also, did you switch AoA to base skin?

Also, if you are calling the new one Modern, what is his XML2 one? Ultimate? (since that is what we called fake Gambit/Jubilee from XML....)

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Uh . . .
QuoteThe latest version is in the Catalog.

Yup, AoA is now the base skin. I called the new skin "modern" and the XML2 one "classic" for no reason whatsoever. I tinkered with the idea of calling the new skin "Shiro Yoshida" because he has no mask and keeping the other one as "modern." In retrospect, I think that's what I'd prefer.

EDIT: Reuploaded with a correction to an icon link. Sorry 'bout that. Link in the catalog is updated.

Also, the new herostat def included names the skins this way:
Shiro Yoshida

He was in the Blood of Apocalypse arc (between the Decimation and the first Carey issues), but the preview art for X-Men #200 shows him and Gambit back in their traditional costumes.

Just a quick preview of a mod I'm getting ready to release here VERY soon.  I've finally finished this thing.  Psylocke is t3h done!1!11111  The only thing I have left to do is finish a couple reskins and meshes I have going here, as well as try to make a glowing effect around the katanas.  Other than that, she's finished.  Here's some screencaps: (keep in mind this skin isn't finished either... but it's looks pretty good still)

Menu shot with power list

Katana Fury power... tried to take multiple screens, but she moves so fast it's hard to catch her in the middle of the swing

Charging up her Katana Strike...  notice how the katana is in the left hand while she retains the psychic blade in the right (it's hard to see, but it's there).  This was intentional, but I'm not sure if I should remove the blade while the katana is out.  Still looks good though.

The trickiest part of this mod.  Normal combat, and she pulls out her psychic katanas for mass pwnage.  Yes, she gets rid of her blades for certain moves, but dual wield overrides the katanas so they aren't lost.

And the best part, is that everything looks normal when the powers and melee is done... i.e. blade is back to normal, no broken animations, and no random boltons where they shouldn't be.

Any questions, comments, or complaints before I get ready to release it (it'll be released once I'm done with the reskins, which shouldn't take too much longer)?
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Good!!! It's great to see my favorite Marvel female character finally coming to MUA!!!!!! Four thumbs up! :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2:

So, which katana model did you use? (I thought you said you couldn't find one.) Ronin's?