Who do YOU want on the Xbox? (poll added)

Started by Teancum, February 19, 2008, 04:56PM

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February 19, 2008, 04:56PM Last Edit: August 13, 2008, 09:00AM by Teancum
I've been toying around with actually replacing some characters on the Xbox, and I want your opinion.

My only two rules:
-No villians
-Only one story breaker

New characters:
:archangel: Angel (hidden character like before)
War Machine
:moonk: Moon Knight
:hulk_icon: Hulk (in Colossus' old spot)

Character Replacements:
:ifist: Iron Fist replaces Elektra.  This is after we know for sure that animated character models will work on the Xbox (since we know mannequins do)
:gambit: Gambit replaces replaces Nick Fury

One other one, depending on my limitations with the Xbox:
:hawkeye: Hawkeye
:psylocke: Psylocke

Please vote even if you don't have this for Xbox.  I'd like general opinions.

I don't own an XBOX, but I will vote.

Cable - I have always wanted to play as Cable since XML2.
Hawkeye - Though I have no interest in him in comics, he is one unique character in the game!
Iron Fist - One of my favorite characters.
Punisher - Bye bye Nick Fury.
Toxin - One of favorite characters.
War Machine - He shouldn't be just an alternate skin for Iron Man anymore.

Thanks for the votes thus far everyone.  I forgot to add Colossus, so if you want him in and have already voted, please feel free to change your vote.

My eight are:
Captain Marvel, Gambit, Havok, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Sunfire, Vision, and War Machine

War Machine replaces Black Panther, because I don't use T'Challa often.
Iron Fist replaces Elektra, because I use her the least.
Sunfire replaces Luke Cage, because I don't like Luke Cage. :P
Gambit replaces Blade, because I hate using him.
(PS: Gambit is sort of a story-killer. He was one of the X-Men that was dispatched by Doom on the raid in his Latverian Castle in the Doom's Day cutscene.)

The four open slots would go to Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Havok, and Vision.

If I had more options, I'd put in Punisher to replace Nick Fury.
Nightcrawler and Cable in because they both kick ass. (replacing Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman)

February 20, 2008, 07:31AM #5 Last Edit: February 20, 2008, 10:47AM by Teancum
I've been looking for Gambit in that cutscene, but can never find him.  I've seen Colossus and Cyclops obviously, and also Hulk (when they zoom out he's dead against a column.  You have to look hard as he sortof blends in) and I *think* Emma Frost.  Can anyone take a screen capture of Gambit?  I still don't believe he was there.  Youtube says you see him at 00:32, but I can't make out who that is.

This video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eON3FoPqLQo
To the right, the first body from the bottom (you'll obviously see Hulk too, Gambit is at his feet). Though his head is buried below some rocks, he's got a trenchcoat and some cards in his hand, so it's obviously Gambit.

I'll post a pic once I get to a computer that has at least paint.

Well, I guess he's my story-breaker.  I guess technically Vision wouldn't be since he doesn't appear in cutscenes or action areas.

February 20, 2008, 11:50AM #8 Last Edit: February 21, 2008, 02:52AM by Zedja
OFFTOPIC - In that cutscene, is Possible to see...

-Charles Xavier

i've seen people saying that is possible to see all the 8 DLC character, but i've only seen these ones.

pics(totally low-resolution)

Gambit, Hulk, Cyke: http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/7905/cutsceneccharsnw7.jpg

Magneto, Charles Xavier, Cyke: http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/1239/cutscenecchars2lf7.jpg

Ps:I'll post tonight, my votes.

EDIT:OK, here's mine.

New Characters:
Iron fist(hidden)
Cable(hidden) - Same as Iammingy, always wanted to play as him, too bad his original skeleton doesn't work.
Colossus - My favorite X-men. Always wanted to play as him since the game came out.
Captain Marvel - This guy rocks. Moonknight Slot.

Character Replacements:

Punisher < Nick Fury
Toxin    < Elektra - I've read all his 6 comics and he rocks.
Warmachine < Spiderwoman - Even on MvC2 game, Warmachine is a separated char, why not in MUA too?
and i never even bothered playing with Spiderwoman.
Hulk  < A must have. Can replace: Ms.Marvel or Blade, i don't care, the problem is... which slot he goes? haha

As you can see i selected 2 story-Breaker, but Hulk only makes a cameo of 3 seconds.

And my list is probably full of mistakes and errors, but it's just to give you some ideas right? then just ignore them. hehe.

Can you show me where Emma is?I can't seem to find her

I have no powers, my body cannot fly. But I no longer mind, for in my heart and soul -- where it truly matters -- I soar higher than the stars!

In the first picture Zedja posted, look right under where he wrote 'Hulk'.  You'll see a white blur.  That's her.

February 21, 2008, 09:13PM #12 Last Edit: February 28, 2008, 02:10PM by Teancum
I removed all the 0 vote characters.  So now it's phase II, research and implementation.  The goal is to get the top ones converted and then I'll go from there.  Currently planned characters are:

:archangel: Angel - since he's already done (aside from tweaks)
:cable: Cable - since it would convert easily (I think...  Unless a DLC/PSP anim set is used)
:colossus: Colossus - since he's already done
:gambit: Gambit - since he's already done (aside from tweaks).  Plus he rocks
:hawkeye: Hawkeye - only if I can figure out a good animation set & custom models
:ifist: Iron Fist - He's just too cool to leave out.  I'd need to be able to use custom models
:moonk: Moon Knight - since he's already done
:punisher_logo: Punisher - Uh, how could I pass him up??
:vision: Vision - Adds balance to the fray.  Laser beams, phasing, etc

Characters I'm "on the fence" about:
:genis: Captain Marvel - I'd still like to put him in, it's just not a priority
:psylocke: Psylocke - I think she's really cool, but she's not a favorite.  So if the conversion goes easily then I'm up for it
:toxin: Toxin - Honestly I've never installed him (been meaning to) so I don't know what he plays like
War Machine - Really just depends on if I get him done

High-voted characters who probably won't make the cut:
:cyclops: Cyclops - As much as I love him, he's really easy to recognize during that cutscene, plus you fight against him, plus Vision has a cool beam move and thus becomes the Cyc replacement
:nightcrawler: Nightcrawler - I can't use the DLC animations, so I'd have to use the old Deadpool replacement and tweak it.  Way to much work.
:shehulk: She Hulk - Mostly for space reasons.  I don't want to remove to many of the default characters.  Love the mod though

That being said I plan to convert the definites, and possibly 1-2 of the maybes.  At that point I release the updated mod with all the files needed and the herostat entries.  From there folks can replace whoever they'd like using NBA2Kstuff's tools.

February 25, 2008, 07:01AM #13 Last Edit: February 28, 2008, 02:10PM by Teancum
Okay, I think I've narrowed it down.  Anything I can't actually do very easily has been pulled, and all of the maybes are out.

:archangel: Angel (hidden slot) - since he's already done (aside from tweaks)
:cable: Cable (hidden slot) - since it would convert easily (I think...  Unless a DLC/PSP anim set is used) BliZZ/Iammingy/Norrin's mod - (need to see if I can hide the cel-shading on Quicksilver)
:gambit: Gambit (replaces Elektra) - since he's already done (aside from tweaks).  Plus he rocks
:ifist: Iron Fist (replaces Spider-Woman) - He's just too cool to leave out. Uses existing Xbox MUA models -(need to see if I can hide the cel-shading on Quicksilver)
:moonk: Moon Knight - since he's already done
:punisher_logo: Punisher (replaces Nick Fury) - Uh, how could I pass him up??
War Machine (replaces Colossus) - He's coming along well, and gets rid of a story breaker

2 things:
-I believe the Dr. Strange issue (not being allowed to get to his chamber without him on the team) can easily be solved by changing one .py file (I saw that one the other day).

-Gambit and Iron Fist.