psp extraction

Started by Peyo, May 09, 2008, 07:54PM

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wait a minute
when I modify all the files what do you have to do with the UMDGen? because in the mod puts: 7-Recompile the ISO to a CSO
I thought it was saving the files as a CSO

Save as ISO, then compress to CSO.

What is stopping PS3 mods being made, is it because the PS3 console  is propably te hardest console to code or ...

We don't know any of the formats for the PS3, plus you need a blu-ray disc burner and some way to play backups.  Blu-ray burners are like 150 bucks for a cheap one.  Even then though I don't know if you can play backups on a PS3.

Honestly it's not worth the effort until playing backups is a LOT easier on the PS3.