XML2 Xbox Mod (choose additional character)

Started by Teancum, February 28, 2008, 02:32PM

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Quote from: Teancum on March 06, 2008, 05:42AM
Okay, something's screwy.  Yesterday Blob had no votes, now he has five?  I smell multiple account spam.

Chop Logic/baboom/s.w.i.f.t. s.h.i.f.t./manmanbongjuiced is my first guess.

Well, irregardless I'm only counting 3 votes for Blob.  Five seems excessive considering they all appeared in one day.  He could still win, but we'd have to see what happens once War Machine is done.

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Teancum, when do you think you'll end the poll? and btw, if you need extra skins for mystique, I just finished one with a skirt-like eXtension. I'll post it soon on my thread. Check it out when I'm done posting. Maybe you can use it.

Off the topic, do you have any versions of Psylocke's Xtreme (XML1) outfit that is recognised by Texturefinder? The files I copied from my PS2 disc do not give any images.

Iammingy might.  I'll double check my XML1 Xbox assetsfb.zip, but I'm pretty sure I copied over PS2 to save filespace.

I might actually hit you up on that offer to make skins.  I'd like to have someone reskin Nightcrawler AoA into the 'priest' Nightcrawler linked to in my first post. 

Quote from: Teancum on March 07, 2008, 08:04AM
I might actually hit you up on that offer to make skins.  I'd like to have someone reskin Nightcrawler AoA into the 'priest' Nightcrawler linked to in my first post. 

On it. Will post it in a few days (got a busy week coming up).

I would go for Psylocke and Cable. I feel that Psylocke should have been in the game anyway. Plus there are far too many +mental damage items lying around on this game so it would level out the game a bit better since Jean & Xavier are the only two characters that would use the items. And Cable is also a good choice as he's has that whole rivalry with Apocalypse. I hear Cannonball was also in XML2 Was this another PSP exclusive? if so i'm pissed but still loyal to my xbox lol. But yeah go for Psylocke and Cable. Mystique would be my 3rd choice.

Wow, I haven't checked the votes in a while.  Looks like Cable finally started taking the lead over Psylocke.  It was neck and neck for a long time.

Anyways, I have now closed the voting since I only have a few more skins to add to existing characters, which means I need to start porting new ones.  Our winners?  Cable and Mystique.

No release date set at the moment, as life is pretty busy.

avalanche can't combo there i said it, otherwise that truely good mod.

I believe he's talking about the PC Avalanche mod that nodoubt made for his upcoming Brotherhood Edition project.

I don't think you posted it in the right spot, ramen.

Guess it doesn't really matter as there's no way Avalanche will get picked now, voting was locked.  Still, I can't decide between Cable and Psylocke.  In the end it'll probably be Psylocke since both Bishop and Mystique will have lots of gun moves, and even though Cable has psychic powers, it'd make for a lot less variety.

@shafcrawler -- Would it be possible for you to do Xtreme X-Men Gambit?  He's basically got a black-ish bodysuit that he wears under his coat, as seen HERE (#6).

Mystique is cool but come on? She's already in the game in a way. And when you go back to Avalon she'll still be there next to Destiny so that would be weird. Yeah she will have guns, but she won't be able to shapeshift and THAT to me is the pure essense of Mystique. The guns ain't all that with her. With Cable its everything. Plus he's not even in the xbox version so it would be nice to see him there. Psylocke, however I feel is a MUST. Like I said too many +metal damage items lying around to service only TWO telepaths, Psylocke would make an excellent addition to the rooster. She's a well rounded player.

Question: since xml2 doesn't have the same mannequin set up as MUA does that mean you can just add these characters instead of replacing them with one of the default players?