Custom skins: XML skins on MUA-PS2 textures

Started by apollo, February 29, 2008, 10:42AM

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Hi, after a long absence (from XML2 as a whole), I have made a few new skins after finally mastering Norrin Radd's PS2skinner (and what really kicks is that is so simple!).
Anyway, I've focused on mainly mapping XML2 skins onto MUA skins.  Some of these may have been done, but I thought I'd post them anyway.

Wolverine Winter & Cyclops Ultimate (Based on Wolverine Ultimate & Cyclops Doom (both from MUA) respectively)
(I'm not totally happy with the Wolverine skin, but it will do)

This one I created when I was bored trying to do something else;

Storm - Black Phoenix (based on Dark Phoenix MUA):

This one is not finished to a standard I am happy with, but I've tried everything and am now tired of looking at it.  If anyone else wants to try their hand, I've included the .dds and the .bmp files in the download.  The main problem is the face;

Jean Ultimate (based on Storm Ultimate):

That's it for now,

My Old Skins Thread:

One question: The Sage skin you made is in PS2 textures┬┐

Quote from: dark_raven on February 29, 2008, 11:15AM
One question: The Sage skin you made is in PS2 textures¿

haha, I think he notice it just because he made it. :P
MUA-PS2 models don't have cel-shade, but XML2-PS2 do.

love the storm phoenix one, very cool
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