Marvel vs. DC Crossover

Started by jonchang, June 12, 2007, 03:09AM

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I'd like to see one videogame where the superheroes of both the Marvel and DC
universes band together, like a combination of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and Justice League Heroes.

Just to share my thoughts and charismatic ideas and dreams for the future, lol

I really would like that, too. IsnĀ“t there a way to make that? Maybe somebody could make some dc characters, e.g. batman, superman, flash, martian manhunter... for MUA?

It would take them like ten years just to decide if they're going to make Superman, Sentry or Thor the most powerful. Or wich Green Lantern to use. Or if it is pre/post/during/ignoring crisis. Hawkeye or Green Arrow? If you're going to have Sentry/Hulk and Thor, we'll have Captain Marvel/Shazam also!

It would have a huge chance to become the most bitched game by both sides.

MUGEN! Search youtube - they got super man and thor vs thanos (i think...)

Superman: I'm the man of stell
Colusus: davadanya kryptonoi....
(russians: forgive me for my stereotyping)