Dust MOD

Started by shafcrawler, June 11, 2008, 05:28AM

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Having just tried it, it is a very nice mod, and I intend to keep her on my roster for now. :)

I am sooo close, she is the first mod I am trying to put in my game.
I think I got it all, the only things which are wrong is..

On the roster when changing the team, her name appears, but no picture of her, also when I select her Proffesor X doesn't say her name. Can someone please help me fix this.

I am soo excited I am soo close

First of all, thanks for taking the time to play this mod. As to your issues:

1) You have to edit the file X-Men Legends 2/Packages/generated/maps/package/menus/character_heads.PKGB with the entry I provided with the MOD and recompile it to .PKGB format for the image to appear

2) We can't make the professor say her name because such a sound data does not exist to integrate into the game. Sorry.

Have fun!

Nice mod but I have two questions:-

Q1:-Why don't I hear her power sounds?

Q2:-Why don't I hear her sounds like when she defeats her enemy she doesn't say any goodbyes or upon using her extreme she doesn't say anything?

Could it be that I have installed the mod incorrectly?