MUA Directories and Folders guide for noobs

Started by andreidiamantina, July 29, 2019, 11:18AM

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MUA Directories and Folders for noobs

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and had some initial difficulties making mods of MUA. Much of this difficulty came from the fact that I have no idea which files are relative to which objects, such as images, icons, backgrounds, skins, manequin, and more.

I haven't seen any videos or posts here in the forum explaining specifically and in detail this part of folders and directories, but there are several other great videos here in the forum with other types of content that I learned from using them to make mods.

For this reason I bring and share some knowledge that I find "the most important" to make a MOD without having to run programs like HeroSelec or OpenHero. The only program you will need is XMBLCUI for editing the herostat.engb file.

Well, the folders and directories that I consider most important are:

1 ... \ MarvelUltimateAlliance \ ui \ models \ mannequin
2 ... \ MarvelUltimateAlliance \ hud
3 ... \ MarvelUltimateAlliance \ actors
4 ... \ MarvelUltimateAlliance \ data
5 ... \ MOD \ data \ herostat.txt

1) Mannequin- are the files referring to the images of the characters in the SELECTION SCREEN. They are always files of type = XXX.igb

The symbols "XXX" refer to the character identification number (ID) and each has its own. You can find out what the character ID is by "DeCompile" the herostat.engb file. To know how to do this search here in the forum for = XMLBCUI

2) HUD - These are the icon images of your character's "head" in the game's on-screen menu. These files are always of type = hud_head_XXX.igb

they all start with = hud_head_
then comes the character id = XXX
then the file extension = .igb

An important point here is that each character SKIN has a corresponding "hud_head", so by default each character has 4 hud_head, one for each skin.

If you add a new skin without its matching hud_head, the game screen will have a "black border" in place of the image.

3) ACTORS - are the skins of the characters. They are always files of type = XXX.igb

You can edit the "name" of skins using XMLBCUI.

Warning = Since each character has 4 skins by default, they usually have the termination 01,02,03,04.
EXAMPLE = JeanGrey has ID "123"
So your first SKIN will be 12301.igb
The second SKIN will be 12302, the third 12303 and the fourth 12304 and so on.

4) DATE - folder where game information is located. The main file inside this folder is herostat.engb, because it is through him that we change all the characters data of the game.

5) HEROSTAT - This is the file that contains all the character information, such as: ID, selection menu position, character name, skins name and more.

Without the character's herostat you will not be able to CREATE or REPLACE a new mod. If you try to override some value of a prebuilt character the game will crash!

So I've come to the conclusion that to make a replacement or add a new character we just need:
3 folders = hud, mannequin, actors
1 file = herostat.txt

Well I hope I helped "you newbies" with some information.

See you !