Who do YOU want on the Xbox? (poll added)

Started by Teancum, February 19, 2008, 04:56PM

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Yeah, I thought of that script too.  I'd probably make it so Gambit can pick the lock :P

Storm is also an expert lockpick. She usually carries them around. :P

Love the mods, totally wish you could add the Hulk and Dr. Doom :( they're my only temptations to get this for 360, Colossus, Gambit and Angel are rather sweet though, moon knight is a bit of a bore.  Vision seems neat but I'd much rather have a cyclops.  Is there any hope of the xbox getting the same amount of characters in a mod as the PC version has?

We already have em.  Both the PC and the Xbox have a max of 27 characters.  You should play with Moon Knight a little more.  His Xtreme is probably one of the best in the game, and the nunchuck power can take out a boss in a matter of seconds if you build it right.

As far as different characters, I can tell you that I'll never, ever do Dr. Doom.  It's more personal reasons than anything else, but I think it's totally retarded that you can play as the main bad guy.  I think Doom is an awesome character, and he's actually not bad to play as on the 360 /PC mod, but I personally will never do him.  I'd like to do Hulk, in fact, Iammingy is working on a Xbox-compatible Hulk that I can use, but if I put him in I'd have to remove a character.

Cyclops I left out because he's been in like every X-Men game.  I've been thinking about replacing Elektra, but honestly right now life is way to busy to work on MUA: SE.  My next priority as far as mods go is finishing XML2: SE for the Xbox, but even that's on the back burner right now.

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I voted for
:hawkeye: Hawkeye
:toxin: Toxin
:punisher_logo: Punisher (replaces Nick Fury)
:vision: Vision
:gambit: Gambit (replaces Elektra)
:ifist: Iron Fist (Replaces Blade)
:colossus: Colossus
:moonk: Moon Knight

(And if I could): War Machine

(If Villains were Allowed)   :carnage: Carnage