*sighs* poison oak...

Started by the amazing spiderman, June 22, 2008, 05:30PM

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i just found about 10 tiny tiny poison oak bumps...about 5 on my arm 1 under my leg and about 4 on my back...what do i do? do i stay cuarentined? its not like they're are in places that will touch other people, even the one on my arm is under my shirt...grr!!!!its summer! does any1 know how long it will take a minor, minor infection like this to go away? any1? ahh, crap....
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 Read this article... I believe it has something to do with your symptoms..


Apparently it says... "Mild symptoms of poison oak, including red bumps, blisters and itching, can be treated with over-the-counter anti-itch treatments that contain zinc acetate, zinc oxide, or hydrocortisone."\

In shorter terms..see a doctor, until then use calimine lotion to relieve the itching(if there is any.)

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I'd go with Overload's suggestion.

The thing I hate is stinging nettle. But it is incredibly temporary. I just cure it with hedgenettle plant I found throughout the campsite though.

Do you have Western or Atlantic poison-oak?

western i guess i got it in the forest...
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