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Started by SageLuis, June 14, 2008, 08:38AM

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Since i don't speak English :P i would like if someone can explain to me the video options for the game especifically anti - aliasing plus my advanced lighting and shadow options are disabled does anybody knows why plz plz ???

because your video card doesn't support it

wgat vid card fo u need to support it?
Icons made by me(i could only pick the best b/c of ltr limit):

nVidia GeForce 6000 series should be able to support a few of these options, but your game would be really slow. So, I recommend you get a 8000 series.

EDIT: I don't know about ATi because I have never used their cards...sorry

i use nvidia, but i have direct x10
Icons made by me(i could only pick the best b/c of ltr limit):

mine is Ati Radeon Xpress 1250
512 MB
is that card suppose to support that options?

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That sounds like a great card. You might want to download the latest driver updates if you haven't done so already.

The best kind of card for this game is one that has '512 megabyte with 3.0 pixel shader agp 8x' yadda yadda yadda 'resolution up to 2600x1900' sorta deal if you want to be able to run the advanced lighting smoothly.

I'm having this very same issue.  I just recent purchased the pc version and I'm currently unable to play because of my video card not being current enough.  I found one for $30, now I just need to order and install it.

My GeFore 7300 GT supports it - runs smoother than melted butter it does.

I hate the advanced light feature though... MUA is SUPPOSED to be a comic-book like computer game... the advanced lighting makes everything look like its made out of plastic :P I didn't get this game to play toy soldiers so I leave the AL off