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Started by Lord Frankie, October 06, 2007, 11:52AM

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nightcrawler's and jean's effects  :nightcrawler: :phoenix: added

Magneto -- Would it be okay to use your Magneto skin for the Xbox XML2 update?  While I'm at it, can I just ask for permission for anything of yours for the Xbox update?

of course!!! use everything you want!
full approval.

Quote from: the master$$$ on October 06, 2007, 12:32PM
can you make a sabretooth movie skin for mua i can give you all the pics you want of sabretooth you need

sorry if i haven't done anything yet, but it's very difficult! i want to make a coated sabretooth, but i can't use rogue's coat. is there any coated character in xml (or mua) that could be used as a base for sabretooth?
(ps no matter if he's small, the size can be increased!)

Magneto please re-upload all files on mediafire. And can you make movie Toad skin? I think Cyclops winter skin is a good base.

about movie toad, just wait and soon or late i'll make it

I'll be waiting for it.

There's something really weird going on with the Iceman trail-edit... when I replaced the files I was supposed to replace - instead of his trail appearing he's sailing around on nothing - no ice trail appears.

I've re-installed it three times to be sure - so it HAS to be the model thats messed up or something. Because otherwise Iceman has ALWAYS been sailing around on... well... nothing, and I just didn't notice ;)