Why no Pc version?

Started by Luciano, July 16, 2008, 02:42PM

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Tbh, I saw that coming. I have a feeling most people think MUA1 was better anyway. Those people are in luck, since we can make mods which look like their MUA2 counterparts ^^

I asked the same question to Game in the uk.
They said there would be one,but apparently its taking longer to do becouse its for PC.

I doubt it.  Activision dumped support for DLC for both games, and the PC versions of games just don't sell well.

I dont think they should. I dont thnk my video card could handle it.
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Quote from: Luciano on July 16, 2008, 02:42PM
I think we all pc gamers need an answer, why no pc verion?
Pc gamers are more than conloses gamers i think, all persons have a pc, i but the original mua and i want to buy this mua2 also if there come a pc version.
Activision, pc version more money, so open your eyes and don't do the error like Sega with ironman and hulk pc versions.

That would be nice, but no, not everyone has a PC. I just got one 4-5 months ago.
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