Why no Pc version?

Started by Luciano, July 16, 2008, 02:42PM

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Quote from: muafan on July 24, 2008, 03:14PM
yes but maybe a mass pention theyll listen too. maybe if we blackmail them by saying that all that sighn the pention will not buy the other versions if they dont hearken unto our voices.  maybe go so far to say no buying Activision games. anyway luciano i dont think beenox are the right people too ask.
oh, can u brush up on ur english grammar.  please.

People in glass houses should learn to spell. And punctuate.

*high five for pwnage*

Nice Tommy!

I don't think that, i do a petition for force unleashed and nothing, for superman retunrs and nothing, for jedi knight 4 and no version.
I don't think about petiton, not work.

I doubt if there's any real hope for the PC if the company doesn't pull a lemon out of its hate and surprise us. If they aren't going to let it loose for the PC then however many petitions we write or protests we organize, they'll probably just ignore them.

After all, PROFITING off of gamers is what they do for a living - not listening to them ;) If they did listen... Silver Surfer would have been WAY more powerful and there would have been a lot more X-Men in MUA 1.

Any news about mua2 for pc, it is official not pc version?
I want it for pc :(, why no beenox no raven soft.

No news yet, but there is still lots of time.  The game isn't supposed to come out until 2009.

The release date it ins't 2009?

Quote from: Enchantress on July 22, 2008, 07:17PM
I hope there's a PC version because if a certain character (I'm no longer allowed to name in topics like this), isn't in it, I'll be putting in a request for a character mod if the game comes out for the PC and try to wait until one is made, though I may go insane and ask that when muafan sues the company for driving him into maniac depression, that he also sues them for not putting in this "character I cannot name".

Quote from: thetommyboy2002 on July 23, 2008, 02:27AM
Oh, you are so clever, the way you still spam for jean grey, but don't actually type her name, and there's nothing I can do about it.....
Oh, wait, yes there is.
1 week ban.
You were told. Stop spamming your "I want Jean Grey in mua2", and here you are doing it again.
Next time you pull this crap it'll be a month ban.
Thereafter, I'll be voting for a permaban.

lol man didn't anyone else found this funny. :laugh:

i just hope that they do make a PC version of MUA2 and that it would be able to mod it like the first one

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

It is just disapointing to see the ironman pc game by sega and hulk by sega, so we need mua2 for pc.

i completely agree with u luc

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

You guys give up way to easy.  Just be patient.  Just because PC hasn't been announced doesn't mean it won't be out for PC.  Do you think Activision and Marvel wouldn't release the biggest Marvel game on PC?  Maybe it's too early to announce, or maybe they haven't got a contract with anyone to port it yet.

yea you make a very good point

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man