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Author Topic: Suggestions for the site  (Read 464 times)

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Suggestions for the site
« on: July 20, 2008, 06:55am »
So, I was thinking that the members who want to make themselves available for help or requests
could insert in their signature a banner, which says for example "models and skins" or "sounds and conversions" and so on...

so that the members will have a general idea of what other members mainly do.

ah, and... couldnt we update the main page, maybe with the Official Characters pack beta... or news about MUA2

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Re: Suggestions for the site
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2008, 02:07am »
Wow, quite a lotta stuff I'd like to say.

The main thing I would like to say is: a shoutbox on the main page FTW! As well as an IRC chatroom where members can communicate live to each other, sorta like MSN.

The mods benefit this site a tremendous load, but I think the site could use a major phyiscal revamp. Perhaps a news fader on the front page?

A mood counter perhaps, like most forums I'm part of have?

And some fun friendly competitions, such as Signature of the Week based upon a particular theme chosen by the moderators? And member of the month nominations? Each one would receive some sort of prize or something.

A few sub-boards, such as some with Forum Games, but post count would not increase there, because replies there are technically spam and shouldn't raise your post count. I have a couple more I would like to post, but am not sure, as those require little posting, and mods might jump all over me and start criticizing me harshly once more.

A point system, based upon whatever seems beneficial, such as a great mod or skin, or being incredibly helpful with a personal request via PM. This could be given out as "reputation bonuses" by any member who was helped a lot and feels thankful. These points could accumulate, which in turn could be used to purchase "virtual items from a virtual shop" that can sell completely miscellaneous things, but I think Marvel-related stuff would fit nicely, as this is a Marvel-based forum.

One of the more unique forums I'm part of has set up a "radio" account, where various members can log on to "DJ", by playing their music several hours a week at set times. It would be very interesting to see if MarvelMods could come up with something like that.

The same unique forum has even set up an arcade, where the classic minigames can be played from that particular link itself.

And not that important, I think the forum needs a few new moderators. idrinkdrpepper, Noelemahc, and darkmythology have not been active for quite some time now. I might contact Noelemahc once more.

An eTrash forum? Where mods can move dead or locked topics. People can't post or create threads in that one, so the spam is not littered up.

A media forum? If the DJ thing is somehow enacted, we can even have one application where people can post their favorite videos and music soundtracks for others to listen to. MarvelmodTube (a play on YouTube, and can anyone find a less cheesier name? :P)or MMRadio?

A newcomer introduction forum? Where newbies can introduce themselves and their questions so as not to clutter up someone's thread with questions?

A general help forum? Where members can post their help to newcomers (not just with the modding engines of MUA and XML2) if all this complex stuff above is somehow able to become from possible to actual.

That's my two cents. Someone else please?

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Re: Suggestions for the site
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2008, 02:36am »
Some good ideas there , I think there was a thread or a post like this a while ago or maybe it was another forum lol.