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Started by jonchang, July 25, 2008, 03:31AM

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Quote from: Shadowbox on February 08, 2009, 03:10PM
It's Dagger. She's wearing the jewel that she's sometimes seen with.
Yep, sure enough.  Just watched it again in hi-def and saw the jewel.

some more info here from NYCC

QuoteWhen you choose a side in the game, will it limit your roster of allies?

"Gameplay trumps strict adherence to comic storyline. There are a few restrictions (Cap, Iron Man), but the vast majority of players will come with you no matter what side you choose."
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god i hope so, or i might not buy it :(
so far my team would be   :storm:  :cd:  :capamer:  :spiderman:

Cloack and Dagger have not been confirmed. Some characters might appear in the videos but might not be playable. So we have to wait and see gameplay to confirm certain characters. I think the list with those characters was :

Black Widow
War Machine
Multiple Man
Nick Fury

Dagger has been semi-confirmed based on the IMDB cast list and her minor appearance in the trailer.

to be honset im not sure Cloak has been in any of the trailers, but with a Dagger, there must be a Cloak, right?

Yeah, it's safe to assume I'd say.  I haven't added him to Wikipedia since there hasn't been an official confirmation, though.

Agreed, although it would be fun to play as him, sorta like nightcrawlers moveset,
but just imagine His and Daggers Fusion! :D sortof like Emmas Psycic Bedlam

RUMOUR!...Diamondback is slated to appear in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, presumably as a boss character. It is unknown whether this Diamondback is Rachel Leighton or Debbie Bertrand.

Well, their current official site shows Diamondback being grabbed by the Hulk on their scrollby screen on the main page.

Quote from: Teancum on February 09, 2009, 04:02PM
Dagger has been semi-confirmed based on the IMDB cast list and her minor appearance in the trailer.

That doesnt mean anything.She could be an NPC character that appears in a video.That way she stills need a voice :)
Oh and In the trailer Dagger is over a fallen character(the character appears to be african and wears black clothes) It could be Cloack.

I never said I thought she was playable.

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Interesting that they said there could be some connection between the first game and this one. They said something might be in the works to recognize that you finished the first MUA. Also worth noting that they are aware of the downloadable content buzz, even though they have nothing to announce yet.

...Downloadable comic missions, here we come. (Ok, maybe I'm being a bit too hopeful ;-)
Would be awesome though and this does seem to be an emerging trend. Here's hoping!
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If they do make DLC  i think it should be characters that arnt in the 2nd game but in the 1st
like so far there isnt any sign of  :spiderwoman:  :deadpool:  :moonk:  :ronin:  :genis:  :elektra:  :iceman:  :warbird:  :silvers:
and i think there should be more females! I really want Dazzler and Spiderwoman, and...well...all from the 1st 1 really!