Emma Frost Release (Updates in XML1 release thread)

Started by DJay Saint, March 06, 2007, 07:06PM

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ok i thought i did everything correctly. I launch a new game. The hero selection screen comes up and I dont see Emma. Though there are two slots that say locked. Is she one of those?

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There should actually be 3 locked characters (4 total with Emma present, if you have not gone through the game).  Deadpool, Ironman, and Professor X.  For some reason, the new character is a locked character, with no way to unlock it except for the... unlock all characters cheat!  (I completely forgot about the locked character nonsense.)  The cheat is:  Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Start (best done with a game pad).  If there is some other way to make her show up as unlocked without using the cheat, I'm sure BliZZ or Noel might know, though I asked already, and was told the same thing as I am telling you now.
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uhm yeah. No gamepad here. So what do I click instead of start. Enter just takes me out of the character select screen

Burning_Rage, you could just hook him up w/ a save w/ her unlocked.

Yes that would be a great idea!! Enter the code with the keyboard just doesnt seem to work at all. I tried enter, I tried spacebar. I dont know what else to try.

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Any other problems I should know about?
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QuoteSo what do I click instead of start
Enter or Escape if you haven't redefined the default controls. Remember to type the direction in SLOWLY and EVENLY spaced. If you did it right, you will hear a different sound on pressing the last arrow and a beep on the START button.

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If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.

it works great, i had no problems while playing with it

Looking forward to Beast, Jubilee and Psylocke

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20 downloads and not a single comment or complaint.  I am assuming that this mod works fine.  Being as I haven't encountered anything major enough that I want to fix, what say the rest of you about porting it to MUA?
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Thats where I've been using bits of the Mod, to "encourage" me to mesh her.
So I say :"Yes!"

Meh. I'd still like to see you do the other 4 to XML2 first, but that's just me. It'll need to be ported to MUA eventually, but the order is up to you.

For instance, Jube's effects have already been converted, and if you separate Detonation into it's own attack (like they did with Gambit), you only need add 1 attack and a boost. For MUA, that is; you probably'd want a 2nd xtreme for XML2.

ok the two things that I have noticed, and these may have been addressed already are:

There is no character portrait in the character selection screen and when looking at her powers in the display during the game all i see are yellow globs, instead of the different power icons. Other then that, all seems to be working. I've had no issues using her powers and what not.

yes, those. They dont work for me. perhaps I didnt copy something into the correct location?

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Three weeks and almost sixty downloads later.  How fares the mod?  Any complaints?

Sorry I've been procrastinating lately, I've been super busy with my classes and have my finals this week and such.  However, my next order of business coming up here real soon will be to get either Beast or Psylocke going, as well as finish ripping those skeleton files for MUA for use in XML2.  BliZZ, have you had a chance to convert Betsy's effects files yet?  If not, then I'll get going on Beast first since apparantly his effects are present in XML2.  So far, the order of business (not necessarily in this order.... :P):

0.  Finish converting MUA skeletons
1.  Fix Invisible Woman skin (it was nearly finished until I screwed it up... :()
2.  Add Beast to XML2
3.  Add Psylocke to XML2
4.  Add Polaris to XML2
5.  Add Jubilee to XML2
6.  Add Magma to XML2
7.  Add Shadowcat to XML2
8.  Add Avalanche to XML2
9.  Add Mystique to XML2
10.  Add Blob (?) to XML2 (not sure yet...)
11.  Re-release mods in one XML2 pack with all bugs (hopefully) fixed
12.  Port mods for use with MUA
13.  Help Noel crack the code for writing the x_voice.zss so we can have character voices for the XML1 characters :runaway:
14.  Try to crack the character limit in game (yeah, probably never going to happen, but who knows what a LOT of free time can do.. *shrugs*)
15. Help convert rest of XML2 characters to MUA.
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