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Started by shafcrawler, August 01, 2008, 11:42PM

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August 01, 2008, 11:42PM Last Edit: November 28, 2008, 08:29PM by shafcrawler

Chamber MOD  :chamber:

Preview Video :


Expulsion Beam - Expels an energy beam from the cavity on his upper torso.

Energy Slam - Releases a wide Energy beam that knocks enemies back.

Migraine - Gives enemies a splitting headache that causes them to deplete health over time as well as forget their abilities.

Psychic Scream - Gives out a mental scream that harms nearby enemies.

Expelled Eruption - Shoots energy blasts to the ground that burns nearby enemies for a time.

Refracting Beam - Energy beam that refracts off of enemy to hit multiple targets.

EXPULSION WAVES - Builds up energy and sends it out in waves that explode nearby enemies.

Boosts and Passives:[/b]

Energy Recycle - Causes entire party to consume less EP for a time.

Whisper - Makes entire party aware of enemy actions, resulting in a Defense boost.

Energy Muffler - Creates a perpetual shield around Chamber that reduce some damages.

Biokinesis Mastery - Increases Chamber's overall damage dealt.

Energy Combat - Adds energy damage to melee attacks.

BIOKINETIC ACCELERATION - Causes Chamber to become immune to Energy damage as well as greatly increase his damage done.


*More Skins  (being worked on)

Awww , When I read the title I thought I was going to see another of your awesome mods :D

lol, same. :rofl:

Awesome looking loadscreen!

Just wanted to let everyone know that this will most likely be released at the end of this week. My family's moving to a new house tomorrow and it'll likely be a while before we get a proper internet connection.

btw, I added a pic of how chamber's effects are going to be in the first post.

They look amazing already!

Oh and good luck on the move; I'll be making mine at the end of this month.

BTW, can you PM me a copy of your loadscreen w/o. the XML2 and custom mod logos? I'd like to use it as my desktop wallpaper, if you don't mind. ;)

For those who care, the MOD's coming along great so far. He's going to have a combination of Energy and Telepathic moves. The only things I have to figure out are what sort of boosts and second xtreme to give to him, so suggestions are welcome.

Also, I added an image of his telepathic effects to the first post. Expect this soon.

Hmmm, I had to look up this character to find out about him, but after doing that I got really interested.  Looking forward to using him!

This is going to be a perfect mod!

BTW, are you going to add a psionic forcebolt attack? And some telepathic illusion? How about a flight passive? Or his current acoustikinetic powers?

According to MDB, Jono has these abilities.

I'm sticking with the original Chamber. You know, where he could blast people off with his energy and talk telepathically. So it's basically gonna be Energy beam attacks and a few telepathic ones. I'm sticking with the comic books and thus all his telepathy attacks are related to communication (as in psionic screams and such). let's see how much of it you guys will really like.

EDIT: Still waiting on boost suggestions...

Really cool effects!!!

I think the lowest flame aura (3rd one down from the neck) is a bit too low. It looks like it's coming from his private area... :shy:

Quote from: shafcrawler on August 07, 2008, 01:31AM
EDIT: Still waiting on boost suggestions...

I think you can have a boost that increases the damage of his energy power attacks. You can just add a bigger flame aura on his chest for this boost.

Chamber can use his "psionic telepathy" to warn his teamates about danger. As a result, the party can evade attacks more easily. So, a second boost can increase the DEF and/or ATK rating of everyone in the team.

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Thanks for the boost suggestions, iammingy. The second 1 you suggested, I had already thought of. Oh, and you're right about the chest effect. Guess I shuld fix that, heh heh...

EDIT: Do we have any good Brit male voice files floating around? I need some to modify into Chamber's voice.

Don't forget, he has biokinetic flame, so I think a pyrokinetic attack or two could be included.

Here's some of my ideas for a boost:

Psionic Whisper: Fill enemies' minds with an overload of voices, disorienting them and thus leaving them stunned.

Telepathic Taunt: Taunts enemies in their mind, causing nearby enemies to attack Chamber and lowering their damage output.

I like iammingy's idea of a larger flame. I think a good name would be: Void Expansion, or something.

For a second Xtreme:

Telepathic Illusions: Chamber creates copies of himself to fight alongside the team, in the meantime confusing enemies as well.

Thanks for the ideas, Midnight. Interestingly, I already have a move that works exactly the same way Whisper does (in fact, the image in the first post is of that move) and I'm calling the boost where his allies' ATK rating is increased Whisper!

If you would like some ideas, perhaps boreman's mod for MUA could inspire you.

Updates on the MOD: Powers and stuff are basically done. Just need to find a good British voice set. Minor IGB Editing is still left but that shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Provided I find a voice set, the MOD may see a Tuesday Release. So if anyone can help out with the voice, I'd really appreciate it.