Punisher for Xbox?

Started by Shirokuma, June 22, 2010, 05:51PM

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just wanted to start this off by saying everyone here does amazing work. i am truly appreciative of everyone's hard work!

my question is, i downloaded the SE mod for Xbox, and i did some digging around on this site about converting characters (and how it takes over 30 hours!).

i realize this is a shot in the dark, but i was wondering if the Punisher was ported to Xbox? what about Venom? are there any other characters available?

i found Punisher for the PC, but i honestly do not know the first thing about hex editing or skinning or anything, so any help would be super appreciated!

thanks in advance.  :punisher_logo: :venom: :spidergirl: :deadpool:

I was going to do Punisher back in the day, technically I could do it, but right now I've put the mod on hold to work on my Star Wars Battlefront 2 Xbox mod.  Without going into too much detail, only some characters can be ported due to technical issues.  Punisher is one that can, but Venom won't every work on the Xbox.  Feel free to suggest characters -- I'm only interested in converting heroes or "anti-heroes" (characters that have been a hero in desperate situation like Venom or Magneto), not villains, and I typically don't do characters that are already part of the story.  But I'll keep anyone else in mind.

wow. thank you very much for the quick reply!

i too, mostly like the anti-heroes; Venom, Punisher, Deadpool, etc.

most of the characters i would be interested in would just be extra skins with the exception of Punisher; since sadly venom is not playable. (not a big deal, i have venom on MUA for the 360! :) )

mostly skins like 2099 Spiderman, Ben Reilly possessed by Carnage, Marvel Zombies versions of the characters, etc. that kind of stuff. i've always liked the darker marvel. :)

i've looked through your posts, Teancum, and you do amazing work. keep it up!