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Started by dark_raven, February 28, 2008, 01:08PM

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Hi :)
I wanted to ask that after using the fbExtractor you can do all the things that put in this interesting link I found (I know it's from PC but I thought that maybe you could do it in PSP):

Thanks a lot :D

You can do all of that, but you have to use PSP animations from the same game, and PS2 or PSP models.

So I could for example replace one of the playable characters for Mystique?
Because she has her own powers and animations,and about that...does she have the metamorphosis power?

If in MUA, no.  If it's in XML2, yes, so long as she actually has the animations.  She wasn't a boss in XML2 so she might not actually have any of her own animations.

For the PSP you have to use MUA PSP animations in MUA and XML2 PSP animations in XML2.  Skins you can trade back and forth.

But after reading it a lot it says that you must modify a savegame...could that be made in PSP or you don't have to do it?

You'll never have to modify a savegame, but adding new characters means that you have to start a brand new game, meaning that you can't use anything from your old savegame.  So if you have already beaten the game you'll have to start a new game using default statistics (it's an option to choose when you start a new game).

And can you add a character only modifying the herostat (I mean in for example X-Men Legends 2 PSP)?

No, you have to do all the character creation (in this case porting the character from PC to PSP) first, THEN add it to the herostat.  The problem is that XML2 PSP can only use XML2 PSP animations, so it really, really cuts down on custom animations for XML2 PSP.  MUA PSP is the same way it seems.  Only MUA PSP animations work.  Basically that's why only Moon Knight and Colossus exist for the PSP, they were already done, just disabled.

But if the character already exists as a boss for example you have to do all the character creation too?

Yes, so long as use animations from the same game.  So (Boss) MUA Cyclops could use his boss skeleton + one ##_character_4_combat set of animations, so long as they came from the PSP version of the game.