XML2 to MUA1 mod conversion

Started by ak2yny, January 11, 2021, 06:25AM

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January 11, 2021, 06:25AM Last Edit: November 13, 2021, 02:57AM by ak2yny

Almost all actors (skins) are compatible with MUA.
MUA automatically removes all regular cellshade from the skins.
MUA skins aren't all compatible with XML2 though.
All animations are compatible with MUA, but MUA uses a second set of animations (1 having menu anims, 1 having combat anims)
Usually use two different sets (from XML2, or mix with MUA).
You can mix animations as well, using all from the same file (thus splitting it) or just collecting different animations.


Powerstyle and entities files can usually used directly without conversion.
XML2 mods have generally two extreme powers, but MUA uses only 1. Keep that in mind, as converting one of them into a normal power is much preferred.
Very few code lines in powerstyles are not used in MUA anymore, but they don't break functionality.
Always double check the "%" reference values, to make sure they reflect the talent counterparts.
Talents files need to be edited to reflect the MUA1 setup of this file.
This is best done by comparing the setup with a MUA talent file and adjust where necessary.
The main difference is the costume talents. These might have to be reinvented for MUA.
Fightstyles: Try to avoid these.
There is some use for fightstyle.xmlb's: Eg. custom fallback fightmoves.
If you want to use more than two files of animations, it will be needed. Avoid this by mixing animations.
Herostats differ in a few lines. Again, compare it to a MUA herostat to make it MUA compatible.


All effects of all XML and MUA versions, except the "Vicarious Visions" versions of MUA2, are interchangeable.
There were a few reports where XML2 effects didn't show in MUA as intended.
  If this is the case, the problem might also be in the powerstyle (incompatible code).
  Sometimes you only have to change the orientation or orientaxis (depending on the effect).


All XML2 mods should have HUD's in the right folder that are needed for MUA.
Usually these need to be recreated to the correct format.
XML2 uses 3d HUD heads and seperate menu headshot, that aren't used in MUA anymore.
They can be removed (cf. "UI").


These are boltons for example. The same as for the "actors" applies here: They are compatible.
Some models have a cellshade, which is usually removed as well.


Packages aren't compatible. The package naming is the same though.
XML2 can use more than 6 skins and packages, MUA has a limit of 6 (4 with bonusses).
Edit the contents of the packages to reflect the MUA setup of packages.
XML2 mods need a [charactername]_xml.pkgb. MUA mods don't need this or any more pkgb files.


Sounds are largely compatible.
As with any sound file, the hashes need to match the events (eg. char/magma_m/p1_power) in the powerstyle.
XML2 voices are all stored in x_voice only. The have to be extracted to a [charname]_v.zss file with zsm-editor.
  Make sure the voice file hashes are correct and are recognized by MUA.
XML1 and XML2 sounds are generally lower quality than MUA sounds.
This has to be accepted, because there is no ressource with better quality voices.


Loadscreens differ in dimensions and quality, but are otherwise compatible.
Many official characters have an official wallpaper with better quality on the internet.
XML2 loadscreen textures can be extracted with Finalizer of Alchemy 5.
You can improve the quality of upscaled textures by using Waifu2x.
The format of MUA is 16:9, while the format of XML2 is 4:3. Thus, the images are best cropped, to avoid distortion.
Icons are are twice the size (dimensions) in MUA (use the same method as for loadscreens).
MUA introduces the banner, which is not present in XML2 icon files.
To avoid a bad banner, you can create a custom banner that covers the lowest row of icons.
  You will have to double check powerstyle and talents files, to make sure no icon with a number higher than 11 is used.
Other textures (eg. power textures) are compatible.


Extra hud's that XML2 uses are unused by MUA, so this folder can be deleted.
MUA uses mannequins instead. A mannequin is not present in XML2 and has to be created.

Thanks to the Marvelmods community, especially Outsider, Ceamonks890 and Rock of the SCPD.