Sebastian Shaw mod v1 (9-4-08)

Started by ratmon, August 29, 2008, 09:57AM

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Did you ask ramen if you could aid him though? If you are advertising your stuff, please be aware that you are technically hijacking his thread. If you did, then never mind what I said.

Looks good. Just what I was looking for thax, I will sure to add them.

Sorry for not asking you, ramen. I only wanted to help.

Don't trip man it's cool. But I swear it's like you read my mind on this icons.

Quote from: Citizen V on August 31, 2008, 08:37AM
Sorry for not asking you, ramen. I only wanted to help.

You have done really well on them. Your iconing work is sure to be put on any mod. Just remember to ask, all right? ;) :thumbsup:

It's only an idea, but you can do a team bonus named the Hellfire club. Sebastian, Jean, Emma, Storm and Magneto would be there(Storm as White queen and Magneto as White and Grey king)

No problem, I'll also put selene since matt710 gonna do her soon. The boost I think will be defense and power.

What happened with this mod, was it ever finished?
Shaw has always been my no. 1 character and would love the chance to bash some stuff around with him :)

Hope there's a finalised version floating around somewhere as my modding skills are non-existant.

as a matter of a fact he will be release today. I just need alittle more time editing his effects.