War Machine v1.1

Started by Teancum, August 29, 2008, 06:39PM

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Thanks for the great Mod... just tried it out (started a new game) and found some glitches
1) Gatling Gun only delivers 1 point of damage when skill point is filled (at level 99 also)
2) Extreme only does 1 point of damage
3) After the Extreme is filled and executed it does not refill.
4) the grab and throw doesn't work.

thanks again... can't wait for the finale release

Cates, are you already insert War Machine Mod into Mod Catalog.

You are aware that Teancum has the ability to do it too right?

Yeah, but I've got other stuff to do (not that other folks don't) so I'm leaving that to Cates.  Besides, the mod is at the top of the first page, so there's no rush :P

I tried to recreate these bugs, but couldn't, so I forget who reported it, but the mod works fine.

-Gatling Gun only delivers 1 point of damage when skill point is filled (at level 99 also) ***
-Extreme only does 1 point of damage ***
-After the Extreme is filled and executed it does not refill?? ***

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Oh, there is another one, the talent files. Well, i saw 2 talent in 1st outfit & the 2nd outfit have a 4's during outfit select. So, can you fix this talent

Oops.  Must have missed that bug.  Thanks Cosmic!

Your welcome pretty boy.

hey teancum u did a very great job on war-machine  :spiderman:

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

September 05, 2008, 03:01AM #24 Last Edit: September 12, 2008, 09:35PM by Power Cosmic
Ok there is something bugged up in this  :warmachine: Mods

-FX for the Gatling Gun are not 100% perfect
-Icons are not finished(Xtreme Icon)
-Loadscreen not implemented
-Grab moves not implemented
& another one
-1st Outfit have a 2 Talents

Maybe you can get the grab from Iron Man's Grab

Well, i don't know which boost for The Electic Touch:
for himself
or for him & his allies.

I can't see the effect after use it.. I wish the electricity its on his gloves.

Don't worry, i'll handeld the loadscreen for you. But not in my cousin's house. On my
own house. I use laptop.

I already have a loadscreen finished.

thats nice and i bet u did a great job on it  :spiderman:

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Anyone willing to finish War Machine's icons?  I'm not the best artist, and I know other guys are really talented in that respect.

The icons that you do have look pretty cool, are you wanting someone to add a few more, or redo them all?

Mostly just to finish what's there.  I'd like to go more MUA-esque rather than just snapshots from comics.  Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Gatling Gun, Electric Touch and System Overload are all icons I'd like to replace.