Started by becoming_myself, August 30, 2008, 05:16AM

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Is there any way to add a skin for a character that already exists? I mean for example adding the Ultimate skin with short hair of Jean Grey to Jean Grey

Thanks for the help

August 30, 2008, 06:44AM #1 Last Edit: August 30, 2008, 06:47AM by Teancum
Get the PS2 skin of Jean, inject her into the FB with hex editing.  I made it as clear as I could in the Modding Rundown: FBs topic.  Sorry I can't make it any easier, hex editing can get confusing.

But I put that example because she has a fb made...and how I can add it?editing the herostat or something like that?

The best thing to do is to learn how to edit the PC version first.  You need to understand how the game works, then you can jump into the console versions.