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Started by raziel26, June 23, 2008, 09:23AM

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could some please explain how to add pc characters to the xbox version my xbox is modded and i have the orginal disk if that matters. thank you in advance

There's not an all-out tutorial, but I'd read the Modding Rundown: FBs thread in this forum.  It's rather complicated, a lot more so than adding characters to the PC game.  I have though many times about writing a tutorial, but it's just something that would take me forever to do.  Plus everyone would probably end up with more questions than answers.

If you would like new characters but aren't really wanting to do it yourself, I am about 75% complete with the Xbox XML2 SE mod.  I've hit a snag with Mystique, but all of the existing characters have their additional skins done.  After that I just have to finish one more character.  I'm shooting for the end of summer.

Ultimately it comes down to converting the contents of a PC package file into the XBox FB format so the console can read it.

On Xbox (XML1/2/MUA) your characters are all located in the directory "assetsfb\packages\generated\characters\" inside the assetsfb.wad which can be opened by renaming it and unzipping it. The XBox reads zip files- so once you edit something within the directory and rezip it you don't have to bother changing it back to .wad though It would really be helpful if it just read the unzipped files in the first place since they do not have to be recompressed in order for the Xbox to recognize them.

The Modding Rundown: FBs tutorial is extremely useful- though at first you may not completely understand it until you actually open an FB up.
The biggest thing to remember is that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to get around changing the four bytes that indicate the size of the files within the FB if you want your game to function correctly. Not doing so results in all files following the point where you have added or subtracted information not being rendered correctly in game. This sounds terrible, I know-  but can be fixed by very simply entering the correct filesize using the formula provided in the FB tutorial.

Still, always backup your files.

Once you understand how to add/remove information within an FB you can compare the contents of say blade_0101.fb and blade_0101_nc.fb (Xbox-MUA) with thier PC counterparts and find out where things should go.
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Just discovered this website and I must say that I am super excited!  I have never played any game before as much as I have played these games. 

Before I set out to mod my xbox I wanted to check that it is possible to use any of the mod pc characters on the xbox and that it is just a case of transferring them to the xbox.

Also, is it the same process for XML1 as it is for XML2?

Many thanks in advance!

The Xbox has a unique process, so it's not just as simple as dragging and dropping.  Truthfully it's rather time consuming and I don't recommend folks trying to port characters over.  I've spent entirely too much time doing so. :P  To be honest I would just download existing mods and call it good, as to port a character over to the Xbox takes about 30-40 hours worth of work, not counting the time it takes to get used to transferring files back and forth from the PC to the Xbox.

Goodness! 40 hours per character is way too hardcore for me!

I love the mods on this site but i just wouldn't have the time to do it.

This is the only ever time I have regretted having a mac as I would just love to play this on a pc!

But thanks teancum!