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Started by matt710, July 25, 2007, 06:13PM

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I'm not religious, really, but bless you for your single skel alternative downloads, it's nice having that choice.  You rock.

Thanks.  Although I somewhat prefer this mod as a dual skel, the alternate is kind of growing on me. 

BTW:  For those that just want my custom skins of Polaris, I will be upping them today or tomorrow with Havok.
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Polaris looks really great, too bad she's a story breaker in the game.

Matt, in Nodoubt's mods in progress thread, theres an image of Dr Dooms Doomsday XTreme texture--its green lightning. It looked really appropriate for Polaris.  I know she's been finished for quite some time and great in game, but may be something to tinker with

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Can anybody post the effects of Polaris' chain lightning cause everytime I use it she shoots a yellow and pink and white looking effect that looks like it belongs in a cartoon. It takes the form of her lightning and I have installed this mod 6 times exactly to get her effects. I checked Storm and her chain lightning is working although from pics it looks like they have different effects for the chain lightning. Anybody know the problem? And can anyone post the files and effects for this power?

EDIT: Ok, fixed the problem. I'll explain what I did in case anyone else finds that they have the same problem that I had. I simply used the XMLB compiler/decompiler and opened up a file located in effects/char/storm called p2_chain.engb. I then opened up a file called p3_chain.engb which is in effects/char/polar. I copied all of the stuff from Storm's p2_chain.engb and replaced p3_chain.engb with Storm's stuff. I checked Polaris in the danger room and her chain lightning works looking identical to Storm's. Not sure if their chain lightnings are supposed to look different or same but I don't mind that they look alike. I tried them together and it was cool seeing them both use the same power.

Or if you look at a previous post, you will need to download the models/igb pack from MUA for XML2 so that it looks different from storm's.
  From the Ashes she will rise.

Oops, sorry. My bad.

the polari's avatar is ugly :@

change it!!!

Quote from: jambito on August 21, 2009, 08:27AM
the polari's avatar is ugly :@

change it!!!

Dont be rude and dont demand things. If you dont like it change it yourself.
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I love this mod <3
thank you for creating it.
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Hate to bump this but there was a problem with Polaris' Chain Lightning that I have found, and since it was extremely frustrating to me to fix, I thought I'd share.

If you pay attention, the FIRST chain does not cause any damage, just shoots throught the enemy/object, then the second, third, etc chains cause all the damage. Using your XMLBCUI, open Polaris' powerstyle and find the Chain Lightning. There are two effect entries there. One is using Magneto's P8 power, the other further down using Polaris' P4 power. DELETE THE POLARIS TRIGGER.

It should be inbetween Trigger Lightning Data and Trigger Bip01 R Hand entries. Just Ctrl X that out, save the file and compile and it should work after that.

As always, copy the folder first and back it up, then run the game to see if you get the same effect as me.

Again, I'm sorry for bumping an ancient thread, but when I was reinstalling the game and mods, I forgot about this one little flaw in an otherwise immaculate mod. Hope I helped! :polaris:

Hey there! Pay attention to the strangeness "powerstyles" the ability
name = power7;  there is a line:

      event {
      arc = 90 ;
      attacktype = blast ;
      damagescale = none ;
      damagetype = dmg_magnetic ;
      hiteffect = char/polar/p7_impact ;
      inherit = punch ;
      name = radial_punch ;
      victimeventtag = 98 ;
         damageMod {
         name = dmgmod_popup ;


But in the  folder "Effects",  no power - p7_impact

And the ability does not work properly! that the author may have missed something