Does Tony Stark actually appear in MUA?

Started by brohara, February 18, 2007, 09:37AM

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I noticed in the modding threads that there is apparently a better quality skin for Tony Stark in MUA already. Also noting that there is a reserved spot for him already at slot 68, this leads to my question...

Is he actually in the game??? I'll admit to usually having Iron Man in my roster as I play through, which may affect my not having seen Stark hangin around Stark tower, but I don't recall reading anything to suggest he was a visible character in the game anywhere.

Is he actually in the game somewhere or is the Stark skin just hidden in the games assets?
Check out issue #74 of Advanced Iron.
Iron Man In Action columnist, Advanced Iron Magazine.

You can talk to him in Stark's lab, act 1, if IM isn't on your team.

if iron man is not in your team you can meet him in stark labs in act 1